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COED Catches A Wave With Pro Surfer Model Erica Hosseini [13 PHOTOS]


Erica’s a 24-year-old surfer and model from Newport Beach, California. She got her first surfboard at age 11 then at 14, she broke a world record by becoming the youngest surfer to make the ASP finals. Her career has only taken off since then. She also holds her own in front of the camera having posed for Maxim, Men’s Journal, Transworld, 944, and the LA Times. Bleacher Report even ranked her among their top 20 hottest surfers in the world. Not bad. We managed to score an interview with Erica last week to see what she’s up to. We got winded just hearing how busy she is. Check out our Q&A with the hang ten hottie below.

COED: Your birthday was recently (May 24th). How did you celebrate? Get any good gifts?

ERICA: Yes, I had an amazing birthday. I went to The Cannery and had dinner with friends and family. The Jose Cuervo Jeep picked me up and dropped us off and then we stuck around and had drinks up stairs. And they shouted us all a round of margaritas. And then left the Jeep to take us where ever we wanted. It was an extremely fun night, they always help out and make it that much better…. they are all about drinking responsibly and providing a safe ride so that was really cool.

COED: What made you get into surfing in the first place?

ERICA: I grew up on the beach my entire life and I was an extreme tomboy growing up. It was just a matter of time before I picked up a surf board and added that sport to the list. I also have an older brother whom I was extremely competitive with so naturally we pushed each other to get better.

COED: What would your advice be to a n00b like me who’s never been on a board before?

ERICA: Relax, don’t panic if you get tossed around in the ocean. It can be powerful but if you stay calm you will be fine. Also, getting a point or surf lesson to get the basics down for the first time is a good idea. There is a lot more to it than just paddle and stand up. [laughs] I wish it were that easy.

COED: You auditioned for the part of Willow in X-Men: First Class, tell us how that opportunity came about.

ERICA: I travel and compete full-time on the WQS Tour but when I’m home I also have an agent that pitches me for jobs he thinks would be a good fit. Usually it’s sports related or surfing related. But this came up and I am such a huge X-Men fan that I had to go in and read. I was more flattered than ANYTHING that I was even chosen to read for the role. I couldn’t believe it. I would love to branch into acting and film work!

COED: Your Facebook profile says you like to eat – what would your last meal be before the end of the world?

ERICA: I think I would just load up and have the never-ending bowl of ice cream with all the goodies on top if it were my last meal. Get a nice sugar high and pump the endorphins and go out on a happy note. [laughs]

COED: Are you a body shots kinda girl or are you pretty chill?

ERICA: I’m pretty chill. I like to hang and do game nights, movies, cook, etc. Of course, I still love a fun party… but I’m much more of the “hang” type… more mellow and low-key.

COED: How do you get the party started?


COED: You’re part of Team Cuervofornia, can you tell us how and why you got involved?

ERICA: They wanted to started an action sports team and called me up and told me about the program. How could I say no to that, right?

They wanted to supply my parties with Jose Cuervo and hook me up with fun Cuervo Goodies, and the entire Cuervo Crew is amazing.

They are so supportive and make it so fun to be a part of the Cuervofornia Team! I’m stoked….

COED: One of your Team Cuervofornia teammates Louie Vito has been on Dancing With The Stars – would you ever go on DWTS?

ERICA:  Heck YES!!! I love that show. I have absolutely NO RHYTHM, so I don’t know how long I would last, but I would give it my all and hopefully learn a thing or two. But I think it would be AMAZING!

COED: You’ve been in a handful of publications – are there any other magazines or websites you’d like to pose for?

ERICA: I would love to do something for Women’s Health or Shape Magazine. Also, a piece in GQ would be fun. They always do fun spreads.

COED: Where do you most like to surf?

ERICA: I love running out front of my house for a quick surf. It’s so close, you don’t have to drive, and I always have a nice hot tub waiting for me on my return…. but I also love surfing Lower Trestles in San Clemente. It’s a world-class wave and I’m lucky to have it be only 40 minutes away.

COED: Where’s the coolest place you’ve been and where would you like to go that you haven’t been before

ERICA: Coolest place is Australia. It’s similar to where I live now in Newport. Young people, good parties, fun waves…I can’t handle the cold; I am going to be that old fart that retires in Palm Springs or Florida. [laughs]  The people over there are so friendly and hospitable.

The one place I have always wanted to go, though, is Greece. I have been to 6 out of 7 continents (haven’t checked Antarctica off the list yet). But Greece just seems so fun and cool.


COED: What are you favorite websites?

ERICA: I built my own website and blog. So I guess I definitely have to list those, since I’m on them and messing around with updates all the time.

Other than that I have to list the obvious:

COED: What’s in your Netflix queue?

ERICA: I got…

  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • Dexter
  • Modern Family (MY FAVORITE)
  • The Roommate
  • I Am Number 4

For more of Erica, check her out on:
Travel Blog
Official Website

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