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We Dare You To Do These Challenges On Dare Day [VIDEOS]


June 1st is Dare Day. On this day, people triple dog dare each other to do things no person should. Just about all guys love a good challenge. It’s just in our competitive nature. We seek to impress and win over each other and more importantly the ladies. People tell us we can’t do something and we set out to prove them wrong. Over the years, YouTube has been a hotbed for daring souls to take on numerous challenges in the hopes of obtaining internet superstardom. Their efforts can be filed away as FAILs but that doesn’t stop them. So, in the spirit of Dare Day, we dare you to take these challenges.

The Chubby Bunny Challenge

The Cinnamon Challenge

The 4 Quad Stacker Challenge

Pull Candy From Flour With Your Face Challenge

The Wendy’s $1 Menu Challenge PART I

The Wendy’s $1 Menu Challenge PART iI

Eat a Pepper & Hold A Salt-Covered Ice Cube Challenge

The Raw Onion Challenge

The Coconut Chop Challenge

The Five Saltine Challenge

The Blazin’ Hot Wing Challenge

The Powdered Doughnut Challenge

The Gallon of Milk Challenge

The Egg Nog Challenge

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