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The 7 Most Unethical Reality TV Shows


Reality TV started with the “Real World” in New York and changed television forever. I bet MTV had no idea that over twenty years down the line such vile and vapid garbage such as “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” and “The Jersey Shore” would spawn from a harmless airing of strangers living together. The idea snowballed into some really revolting and unethical shows in the future. Let’s face it, all reality tv is unethical, but the shows below take the cake!

Toddlers and Tiaras

I don’t know what to say about this show except, “What the hell were these parents thinking?” Can anyone say Jonbenet Ramsey? If you want to see a great display of little children dressed up as whores masquerading themselves in front of a slew of judges who likely moonlight as pedophiles, then feel free to tune in and join in on the Schadenfreude. Watching these grown adults live vicariously through their tiny tots is not only narcissistic but ethically wrong on many different levels. After having placed their children into these competitions, they should be lucky if their kids only turn into strippers. Thanks, crappy parents of America!

Who’s Your Daddy?

Imagine a fragile and emotionally void woman is placed in a room with 25 random males. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re WRONG! The premise of the reality TV show Who’s Your Daddy? that only lasted 1 episode, was a show about an adult who had been put up for adoption as an infant to only be placed in a room with 25 potential fathers. Here is the best part: if the contestant incorrectly chose the person who may be their father, the person who was chosen incorrectly would receive a whopping $100,000! Psychiatry bills for the loser, however, are not included. [Ed. note: The guy in the video above is an actor, not the real father.]

Kid Nation

Let’s be real: this reality tv show should have been entitled “Lord of the Flies.” Only lasting one season, thankfully, 40 kids were placed in a random location in New Mexico to compete for cash and prizes. With no adult supervision in sight, fending for their lives through challenges and setting up their own government, I’m surprised no one was killed or physically crippled. I am hoping the exploitive parents of every one of these kids was arrested, or worse, had a kid turn out like our next contestant.

Breaking Bonaduce

I’m slightly ashamed to admit I was addicted to this show and glued to the screen every time Danny Bonaduce had a manic sh*t fit over everything including his gorgeous, now ex-wife, Gretchen. This is one celebrity I would be extremely scared to cross, and not because he is a raging alcoholic with massive emotional tribulations, but because he is BAT SH!T CRAZY. Crazy enough to get into a random stranger’s car on the highway after receiving word that his then wife, was having a soiree that may have included male strippers. I think Danny believes he lives in Grand Theft Auto and that the world is his to play, but the only thing that was played here was him. Exploiting his past drug abuses, binge drinking, mental instabilities, and manic rages equaled great TV, but corrupt all the same. We thank you VH1 for another hit!


There are enough crying and empty women out there that feel like they aren’t attractive enough already, so how should we make them feel better? Introducing Bridalplasty – the show that will make you over from head to toe transforming those sad, droopy muffin tops into sexy six packs. Very similar to the reality TV show The Swan, these women crank it up a notch to compete for something more superficial than their looks: a wedding ceremony. Nothing speaks louder about love than changing yourself from the person your partner originally fell in love with. Now he’ll be expecting you to look hot all the time and you’ll inevitably disappoint him since your makeup crew won’t be around all the time. At least you’ll have your perfectly sculpted nose to look at after your divorce papers go through.

The Littlest Groom

Everyone deserves love, even little people. In the introduction of the The Littlest Groom, they explain the winning contestant would acquire a 2 carat diamond and “the hand of a man that is one in a million.” Lucky for the future bride the actual chances of having a smaller than usual child is actually much less than that. Make sure you find these episodes somewhere online to experience the humility of midget women and regular sized women embarrassing themselves on national TV and leading on an already disadvantaged human being!

Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire?

Does anyone remember Darva Conger? Me neither. Apparently back in 2000, a new reality show called “Who wants To Marry a Multi-Millionaire?” aired. I remember this show vividly, but not because of what went on during the actual episodes but because of the chaotic media coverage this show received.

One “lucky” multi-millionaire (Rick Rockwell) would pick a woman on the spot and marry her; the winner received $100,000 in prizes, three-carat diamond ring, and a Barbados honeymoon where she wouldn’t even HAVE SEX WITH HIM. If you’re going to act like a prostitute you better put out like one. Darva did not want to look like a whore but certainly true to word, felt the need to spread her legs for a spread in Playboy. We all know you can’t find true love on a TV show but you can certainly find your 15 minutes of fame – even if it means swallowing some public humiliation.

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