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Bad Teacher Shows You How To Have A Bad-Ass Summer


Bad Teacher‘s about a broke ass teacher played by Cameron Diaz who’s also pretty bad ass – she’s got the mouth of a sailor and drinks like one, too. With summer right around the corner, we thought we’d share our tips to having a bad-ass summer that’s Bad Teacher approved. Follow these do’s and don’ts and you’ll most likely being starring in your own movie instead of adding to your mugshot portfolio.

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DO: Drink good tequila (anejo or reposado)

DON’T: Drink bad tequila (anything with “Montezuma” in name)

DO: Hook up with multiple women in one night

DON’T: Hook up with THESE women

DO: “Billboard” people who’ve passed out with their shoes on

DON’T: Get these tattoos

DO: Play some outdoor drinking games

DON’T: Play drinking games in a car

DO: Travel like a rock star

DON’T: End up on “Locked Up Abroad

DO: Spend a long weekend with that chick you met online

DON’T: Try to make a summer fling last that won’t

DO: Attempt these essential sex positions

DON’T: Be afraid to Ask a Chick

DO: Make the most of your kiddie pool

DON’T: Drop your “babies” off at the pool… the real pool

DO: Stay smelling good and looking good

DON’T: Ignore your excessive sweating

DO: Chug these summer beer cocktails that don’t suck

DON’T: Use these horrifying soft drinks as mixers

Bad Teacher releases in theaters June 24th



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