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Adele’s The Queen of Heartache, Radiohead’s High, Jeremih’s Motivated [SONGS OF THE WEEK]


This week we got infused with Gaga mania, as Lady Gaga’s new album, “Born this Way,” came out. She didn’t make this week’s list, but I’m sure a Gaga entry will be making its way into the SOTW list at some point soon. Anyone catch Mr. Timberlake on SNL this week? He truly is a talent. Great episode. But I really wish he would pick up the mic again and do what he does best. Anyway, enough with my pop culture rhetoric, here is this week’s edition of Al Jones’ SONGS OF THE WEEK.

“I Don’t Want to Love” by The Antlers

You can now add the Antlers to the blossoming indie music scene that seems to be growing by the day in New York City. Peter Silberman, singer, songwriter, and guitarist, started The Antlers as a solo project and released two previous albums before forming an actual group with Michael Lerner (drums) and Darby Cicci (keyboards, trumpet). They released their first full length, ”Hospice” to critical praise, and have returned for their latest offering, “Burst Apart,” which features Monday’s single, “I Don’t Want to Love.” The song has got a nice groove to it, “lover’s lane” lyrics, simple chorus, and I can picture it playing in the background of a CW teen show. It’s indie angst at it’s finest, and a nice lead single off this pretty impressive new album.

“Foolish” by Ra Ra Riot

I am a big Ra Ra Riot fan. I have been ever since I first heard “Ghost Under Rocks” off their phenomenal debut, “The Rhumb Line.” So I was pretty excited when they came out with “The Orchard,” their second major album. Although “The Orchard” isn’t as complete and fulfilling as “The Rhumb Line,” in my opinion, Ra Ra still finds moments of tenderness and greatness on various points of the album.

One of those moments is with “Foolish.” It’s such a catchy tune. Smartly written, yet shows off the honesty and creativity that this band sweetly possesses. Ra Ra Riot is a five piece band consisting of a violinist and a cellist, as well as a guitarist, bass player, and drummer. They are from Syracuse, New York, very young, but extremely talented. Nine out of the ten tracks on “The Orchard” were produced by Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla, so the band travels in good company. “Foolish” is a great song and definitely worth a download into your collection.

“Motivation” by Jeremih feat. Kelly Rowland & Lil Wayne

Jeremih is one of the bright new faces on the R&B charts. He is following in the footsteps of R. Kelly, Ginuwine, and Keith Sweat, making sultry R& B tunes known to make the ladies happy and dance.

Signed to Def Jam records, Jeremih first broke through with his hit single, “Birthday Sex.” That song caught a lot of attention. He is now back with his second album, “All About you” which was led by the powerhouse first single, “Down On Me” feat 50 Cent. Not one to shy away from ill collabos, Jeremih has recruited Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child and Lil Wayne for another single off of his album titled, “Motivation.” The song is going to be another hit for the young R&B star. It’s got a hot beat, timely vocals by Rowland, and of course a blazing verse by Weazy. For all hip hop/R&B heads, it’s a must get!

“Someone Like You” by Adele

Adele’s sophomore album, “21” has to be in contention for album of the year thus far. She has had the number 1 album in the country for like forever it feels, and has had her first number one single with “Rolling in the Deep.” I had the pleasure of seeing her live a couple weeks ago at the Beacon Theater in New York City, and was amazed by how polished of a performer she has grown into.

“Someone Like You” is just that song. It stirs up emotions within you that you may not even know you have had. It is gut wrenching and painful yet so beautiful at the same time. It’s perfectly written, orchestrated, produced, etc. It is truly one of her crowning achievements. And after listening to her perform it live, and hearing thousands of concert going patrons singing every word out loud in unison, I can add that its loved by most as well. Stellar heartbreak song by the new queen of heartache, Miss Adele.

“High And Dry” by Radiohead

Radiohead, in my eyes, is the gold standard of bands. They have been making timeless music since they invaded our public consciousness with an album called “Pablo Honey.” While many people can debate which Radiohead album is the best (In my opinion it’s still “Ok Computer”) many argue that it’s “The Bends,” their 1995 sophomore album.

“High and Dry” is one of their most well-known songs, and it came off that album. It was one of the standout tracks off of “The Bends,” and made the world take notice of Thom Yorke’s amazing vocals and songwriting skills. The song is a bonafide crowd pleaser at a Radiohead show, and is in my top ten list of best Radiohead songs of all time. Enjoy it.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s songs. Be sure to vote for your favorites and follow me on Twitter (@aljonesy) and let me know your thoughts on these songs and anything else music wise. Stay cool out there!

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