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6 Buzzkilling Topics To Avoid When You’re Stoned


Nobody wants to kill another person’s buzz while blazing it up, especially when you’re being smoked out. However, some rookies go down roads that should be less traveled and strike up conversations that make for awkward encounters of the high kind. Below is our list of a few depressing subjects to avoid that can bring people down from their high. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when you aren’t invited back.

Crying About Your Ex

Your friend isn’t getting high with you so you can weep “woe is me,” and moan about your ex. He  does not care to have complaints shot at him while he’s baked and all warm/ fuzzy on the inside. Besides, the weed should help you forget about your melancholy past at least for a short-term amount of time (then you just smoke again). Marijuana should not be abused as a coping mechanism; when it is, it’s being used for the wrong reason, akin to drinking your pains away. We both know that you skipped right over that last sentence.

Bashing Political/Religious Differences

Cannabis culture’s unofficial motto is “Live and let live.” When it comes down to it, what do political and religious differences matter when you’re taking time to toke a joint or a bowl between like-minded individuals? This could be a great time to learn more about another’s customs and the reasons they believe in and perform them. Don’t knock them if you haven’t tried their culture.

Starving / Suffering People

You’ll announce you are hungry when some hippie will announce that “there’s starving children somewhere in the world.” Of course there are, but nobody wants to think about that when you’re getting high. It’s not like getting baked is making more innocents suffer. Am I supposed to send my packet of Dunk-a-roos to Africa, buddy?

Hating On Music

First of all, why hate any kind of music? That’s called genreism, something which should be frowned upon. If a song is playing and you don’t enjoy it, particularly if you are at a friend’s humble abode, either wait until the song is over and request another style, or actually take some time to figure out why you dislike the style. The worst thing to do would be to make that awkward face and say “ugh, why are we listening to Swedish Polka Metal?” Your buddy is most likely playing it because they like it so much and they feel it’s worth sharing. It’s best to just ride this one out.

The Police

Don’t talk in a serious tone about the chance of police coming to arrest you. If you’re going to use marijuana illegally, one of the best ways to keep it illegal is to act like you’re committing a crime. Not to mention the nearly inevitable (even if slight) paranoia everyone in the room will feel coursing through their veins after you mention police. Especially don’t mention the cops when someone knocks on your door, for instance during something like a Great American Challenge. There’s nothing more soul-extinguishing than being on the verge of puking and jumping off decks while one brave soul answers the foreboding cop-knock, only to find it’s your buddy who took to the great outdoors because the bathroom was taken.

How High You Aren’t

On a list of ways to bring others down from their high, this might be numero one. If you smoked some dirt, get over it. There’s no use complaining about something that’s happened to everybody at some point or another. Maybe you’re just a marijuana champ and smoke so much others aren’t at your tolerance level. Besides, real cannabis champions have the ability to and will bring others up instead of extinguishing the flame of livelihood.

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