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3 Things You Should Never Have In Your Bachelor Pad


Kissing passionately, biting lips, you stumble into your bedroom with a hottie: legs wrapped around your body. Falling onto the bed, her eyes flick around the room and a look of horror flashes across her face. Within seconds she’s already up and gone, slamming the door behind her. Where did it all go wrong? The answer lies in your room. Here are a few huge no-no’s you should never have around your bachelor pad.

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Posters / Decor That Suggest You’re Still a Teenager

Even if you are sub-twenty-one, try not to act like it. A woman wants to feel like she’s going home with a sexually experienced man; not someone who only recently escaped his parent’s basement. Telltale signs of unwillingness to leave your grubby teenage years include posters relating to beer, t*ts or weed. These were really only cool when you were 15; but as soon as you started drinking beer, smoking dope, or sucking breasts, they become passé. Please don’t give out the impression that you’re still impressed by that stuff. Instead, be nonchalant about your sexual and partying life. After all, partying until dawn with loads of hotties is something you do all the time, so no big deal, right?

Litter / Dirty Dishes

Nothing screams ‘get me out of here’ like a full-to-the-brim trash can, a sink stuffed with dirty dishes, or food squashed into the carpet. A clean and (relatively) organised pad suggests that you have got your whole life together. A tidy room suggests success and a great lifestyle; both of which are huge deal clinchers for women. The biggest turn off I’d ever experienced was when a guy took me back to his post-party apartment and the upturned tables were such a turn off! And anyone who lives like that… you’ve just got to question their personal hygiene.

Signs of Philandering / Evidence of Other Women

No woman wants to feel like there is a revolving door on your apartment, so avoid any obvious signs of philandering. This means keeping your condoms somewhere discreet that is not in a bowl by your bed. Same rule applies for sex toys, too. Sure, some girls will appreciate your consideration; others will think it’s just plain creepy that you have them. Make sure to tuck both away along with your goat porn (actually keep that in a place no one will ever see).

On the flip side of philandering, women also won’t love evidence of ex-girlfriends hanging around your place. Keep any photos of lost loves, left behind articles of clothing, or obvious feminine touches to a minimum. Even if it was your mom who picked out those pink mugs for you, try not to make it appear that another girl is more important in your life than the one who’s in your bed at that given moment.

Follow these few tips and your pad should be girl-approved. Now all you need is to figure out how to get the girls back there, for more information on how to do just that, check out

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