Chiddy Bang & Taco Bell Feed The Beat In Philadelphia [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

Last night, Chiddy Bang performed a free concert for hundreds of Taco Bell’s Facebook followers at the First Unitarian Church in Philly thanks to Taco Bell. Let me go on record by saying that frickin’ venue is a sweatbox, a Turkish bath house, an unventilated locker room of hot stink. Anyway, you might remember we featured Chiddy’s collabo with The Naked and Famous on the remix of “Young Blood” as one of our favorite songs of the week back in late February. They also played at BroBible’s Windows Phone Party at this year’s SXSW if you had the time and dough to hit up Austin for the festival.

For those who STILL don’t know who Chiddy Bang is, politely bunch yourself in the gonads. This “alternative” hip hop duo consists of Chidera Anamege (Chiddy) and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Bersein (the Bang?). They met in late 2008 during their freshman year at Drexel University then blew up in late February 2009 when a blog called “Pretty Much Amazing” featured 5 of their songs from their debut mixtape “The Swelly Express”. They’re known for using unique samples from artists like Radiohead, Passion Pit, and MGMT. They’ve played festivals like Lollapolooza and Bamboozle in addition to their own tour “The Swelly Life”. In March 2010, the duo were signed to Parlaphone/EMI then in late April Chiddy broke the world record for the longest freestyle with a time of 9 hours, 18 minutes, and 22 seconds.

Taco Bell approached the group earlier this year to be a part of their “Feed the Beat” program, which currently has a roster of about 75-100 artists like Andrew WK, Passion Pit, Neon Trees, Runner Runner, The Gay Blades, Portugal The Man, and Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr. Chiddy’s single “The Good Life” can be heard in Taco’s Bell’s latest commercial promoting their new “Party Pack” a 12-pack offering, which you can check out below. You can also download the track for free on Taco Bell’s Facebook page.

Taco Bell invited us to roll VIP style to the show in a party bus packed with a plethora of 12 packs and handles of Jose Cuervo Light Margaritas. If you follow me on Twitter, Foursquare, or Facebook, you would’ve seen that not only was I pumped but I, along with other passengers, had some real issues with the potholes. Potholes + no top on my drink = spill central. The radio was f’d so we couldn’t blast Chiddy but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the ride.

Once at the church, we got to hang in a “green room” type area adjacent to the main sanctuary that offered cold adult beverages and other snacks. In the main sanctuary (where prayers is held you savage atheists), a group of bloggers waited for their turn to fire questions at Chiddy and Noah. Noah’s brother was there so he took off to show him around, but Chiddy stuck around to chat. It wasn’t until after we spoke that I learned he’d been up since 4am. That’s a trooper right there. Anyway, we asked our Facebook followers for questions they’d like to ask Chiddy and though typically and awesomely foul, they did inspire me to conjure up 5 game-changing inquiries. Check ’em out in the video interview with Chiddy below.

After that, we headed down into the basement for the show. The small venue was teeming with fans and Chiddy’s set shook the room. I was able to hang “backstage” for a bit but couldn’t get a decent view. Plus, hanging out in close quarters with a bunch of sweaty dudes isn’t exactly my cup of tea so I moved through the crowd to get some more quality footage. Just about everyone was filming, as you can see from the clips below:

Once they ripped “Opposite of Adults” Noah asked for topics that Chiddy could incorporate into a freestyle sesh. The mixed bag of words suggested by the crowd was mind-numbing but Chiddy pulled it off. I wouldn’t be suprised if that pops up on iTunes in the coming weeks. They ended the show with their lead single of their upcoming album called “Manners”, which wasn’t face-melting but could easily be a chart topper.

The ride back on the party bus was fueled by more cold adult beverages. Passengers were dropping like flies but I had a 5 hour energy in me so I was all good (except for the fact that the f***ing Turnpike needs WAY more rest stops). Judging from the show Wednesday night in Philly, it looks like Chiddy Bang will be all good as well.

Chiddy’s debut album “Breakfast” will be available in late summer / early fall just in time for back to school.

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