7 Things To Do In Las Vegas Before You Die [BUCKET LIST]

There is SO much hype around Las Vegas. Just saying the word, “Vegas”, makes you feel a little bit guilty, in a really good way. Vegas is the city to do crazy things. But you know what? No one really does do anything really off the wall when they go to Vegas. What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard? A chick jumped on stage with Rihanna? Big. Deal. If you didn’t almost die, go bankrupt or at least make a mistake that will take months to undo, you didn’t do Vegas right. Keep that dirty, racy, trashy stigma of Vegas alive by adding these to your Vegas bucket list:

Befriend a Hooker

I didn’t say hire a hooker. STDs and prison are not on this bucket list. Just have a little business meeting with one. Invite one to dinner. Do the girl a favor–that’s one hour she doesn’t have to be…whatever…with someone she doesn’t like. And when she is getting impatient with your pointless chit-chat, get down to business and tell her what your going rates are.

Race Through The Desert

Vegas isn’t only limited to that neon and flashing strip. There is a whole expanse of desert just beyond that Hooters. Rent an exotic car, like the Dodge Viper that can go from 0 to 100 and back to 0 in under 15 seconds, with a maximum speed of 220, and head out to the desert.

Skinny Dip In Bellagio Fountains

Look, those things are huge. If anyone notices you, you’ll be out of there by the time a security guard gets in his little speed boat and tries to stop you. And once you put your clothes back on, how will they even spot you on the street…

Swim With Sharks

At the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef Aquarium, certified divers can swim around the shipwreck with a White Tip Reef Shark and Sandtiger Shark. This aquarium is also the only one in the USA where you’ll find a Hammerhead shark in captivation.

Have Dinner In The Sky

Cocktails before riding the Stratosphere rollercoaster—probably not the best idea. But you can get your drinking and dining on before liftoff with dinner in the sky. Up to 22 guests are seated at a rectangular table strapped to chairs. After some cocktails and h’oerdurves, a giant crane lifts you 180 feet up in the air. Visit www.dinnerinthesky.com for reservations.

Take Your Top Off

You never do it at house parties for fear of looking like a slut. But nipples are porous beings—they need to breathe sometimes! Forget the triangle tan lines and take your top off at Tao Beach, the topless pool at the Venetian. If you’re of the gender that gets to do that anyways in public places, just enjoy the view.

Get Married

Seriously, this is what makes Vegas Vegas. We’ve all heard of some idiot who woke up next to a woman and he didn’t even know her name…only to realize that she had his now. YOU could be that idiot! If you really want to do Vegas, keep the tradition alive and take one for the team by being the one dealing with divorce papers when you get home. I mean…um….maybe you’ll, like, fall in love too.

You can have a one-night stand or gamble away $500 bucks anywhere. Keeping the spirit of Vegas alive is about always one-upping your buddy’s story about the security guard he slept with in the Gondola at the Venetian, or whatever it might be. Hopefully these bucket list items will help you do that.

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