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UCube Compact USB Digital Speakers Prove Size Doesn’t Matter [TECH REVIEW]


The whole idea of portable USB speakers is:

1) to deliver audio that is louder than a whisper

2) be portable enough not to take up space when it’s time to move them from point A to B.

UCube does both — and there’s not an “i” anywhere in the name to be found either.

A company well-known for innovation, Ultralink has created a 3-inch squared speaker front that doesn’t compete for space with anything else on the table. Each UCube angles itself right at you, thanks to a brushed aluminum stand that complements the high-tech side of things. But cool as this tiny pair looks, what makes them worth plugging into a USB port is what’s inside and what’s not inside.

Forget about a power supply cord tangling at your feet — USB supplies all the power 15 watts per channel needs (as in 30 watts total). And the “not” includes having to install anything to get the speakers going (plug ‘n play like Windows 95 touted, but never did) lives here with a PC or a Mac.

As to what IS inside, try digital signal processing to keep the audio not just flowing sweetly but equalized and matched to what you’d expect on something 3X sized. If you had X-ray vision, you’d be looking at a full-range, flat diaphragm driver propelling the sound out a full 170 degrees wide — as in “off-axis” for the audiophiles among us.

Best part has got to be zeroing in on the sound in your head; plug the USB cord into the USB port and put a UCube on each side of the laptop — stretched out a bit — so that they’re facing you dead on. Then start the tunes going as you angle each 6-inch tall UCube in at you. Stop when the sweet spot happens and the “playing field” suddenly blooms like freakin’ algae.

The UCube USB Digital Speakers are for when you’re ready to listen without the joke earbuds. And forget about subtle, get the red. Black, white or silver are so yesterday.


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