You Can’t Spell ‘Drink’ Without ‘Dirk’: Nowitzki’s Play Hard, Work Hard Gameplan [11 PHOTOS]

I still can’t get over last night’s Game 4 of the Western Conference Finals. In case you were doing something else or are one of those “I don’t like the NBA because they don’t play defense,” type of people, you missed the game of the season. Dirk-a-Dirk-a flat out killed it again. Everyone on the court knows what Dirk’s gonna do when the ball’s in his hands: put his back to the basket, spin then fade jumper off one foot. Problem is he’s 7-f*cking feet tall. What makes him especially “boss” is he can drink his face off then go and drop 40 points twice in a row. We have the pics to prove it. Check ’em out below:

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