Who’s That Girl?: Miller Lite Liteguards Commercial Girls Revealed [69 PHOTOS]


You’ve seen the Miller Lite ad campaign with the lifeguards who save men from their bad taste in beer. A more recent video features three women in a convenience store. We really didn’t care what was said or done in the commercial, all we could do was ask ourselves, ‘Who the hell is that?’ Never ones to leave a question unanswered, COED did the hard research to come up with the answer and then added some pretty pictures (for all you illiterate types). Enjoy the 3 best things ever associated with Miller Lite and then check out their commercials on YouTube.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Sabina in our “Who’s That Girl” column. The guys over at Miller Lite must have liked what they saw of her in their ‘Man Thong’ commercial because they brought her back for more. We can’t say that we exactly fault them. We regret to inform you that she’s engaged to the NBA’s David Lee. Ironically, he wears a man thong. False advertising!

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We did some research on Aria Pullman and learned that she is also a singer/songwriter. You can check out one of her music videos here. Aria has had a few appearances in TV and some short films, the most notable of which are Rescue Me and Life.

Candice Loper seems to be the most unknown of the 3 lifeguards. As of now, the only credit listed on her IMDB page shows that she was a ‘Party Girl’ on Burn Notice. Apparently, this latina hottie is bi-lingual and lives in Atlanta. You can see more of her on Facebook.

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