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The 8 Best Booze Apps For The iPhone & Android


As we all know, there’s an app for that. Whether it’s discovering new music, finding the best local eateries, or shooting perturbed poultry with a slingshot towards poorly made architecture, apps have become a way of life for many mobile users. But, let’s be honest, what’s a phone gonna do when we’re looking to get our buzz on. Drinking is too important to leave to chance so check out these apps that can help in ways that a booze addled brain can only dream of.

Beer! (Apple-Android)

Tracks the beers you’re drinking so that, while you may not remember, the app will be able to remind you what you thought of it. You can even take a photo to accompany your thoughts and share those thoughts with an online beer-loving community. That’s social networking at its finest.

Beer Pong Classic (Apple-Android)

You know the game, you love the game, you suck at the game. At least here no one will know how you’re doing unless you decide to share. 3D graphics and it’s all flipping you fingers at a screen so what’s not to like?

iBeer (Apple-Android)

Turn your smartphone into a glass of frosty brew. Pour in the beer and then drink it down — but  you never actually get any, it’s just like real life. Those who balk at such things can go for the milk or soda version, but real men can handle “drinking” while answering or making calls. And those who live large can get the iBeer Keg for their iPad!

Drink Fit (Apple-Android)

Does the need to know the nutritional level of that glass of beer or wine plague you? If so, this app will go down smooth. It lists over 1600+ drinks and provides all the details as to what the liquid is doing to your insides at a glance.

Beer Goggles (Apple)

We’ve all worn ‘em and wished we hadn’t later. Now you can simulate the pleasure-turned-pain of seeing through beer goggles on your iPhone. Check out the 3D graphic babes and rate them — then see if you’ve matched the details or gone hog wild. Only problem is if you’re wasted enough to be wearing those goggles, you probably lack the dexterity to tap a touch-screen.

Free Booze (Apple)

Every minute of the day, somewhere in New York or Chicago, there’s free booze flowing. This app will help you find that art event or grand opening  or special deal at a bar or restaurant that trades an empty wallet for a filled glass. Maps lead the way — being dressed appropriately is up to you.

iRate Beer Lite (Apple)

No it’s not about angry beer, but about rating beers and sharing it with other drinkers online. Great way to get a feel for a beer you’d like to try, but don’t want to chug down your throat “cold.”

*Mixologist Drink Recipes (Apple-Android)

If you can’t find the drink you want, make the drink you want. A solid database with thousands of entries to get you from point A to B. Instructions to keep the process moving smoothly. Even additions like bartender terminology (so you won’t sound stupid) and a bar/liquor location guide using maps and GPS.


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