3 Extremely Unlucky People For Friday the 13th!

Happy (or Unhappy) Friday the 13th! While I’m sure that most of you think that your lives are constantly subjected to misfortune, you need to realize that you’re just like everyone else: looking to blame something other than your own d@mn self. So get out from under your bed and realize how lucky you are… unless you’re one of the following people. These guys really have a sh*tty deck. Check out the unlucky SOBs below.

Henry Ziegland

This story, like the others below is re-f*cking-diculous. In 1883, Henry apparently broke up with his girlfriend via messenger pigeon or some other easy form of breakup that existed before Twitter. So distraught and embarrassed, the broad offed herself. Enter angry ex-living/ex-girlfriend brother. He attempted to exact revenge by shooting Henry but missed. The bullet grazed Henry and lodged in a tree. On his second attempt, angry ex-girlfriend’s brother finally hit his intended target when he killed himself. The first bullet that missed Henry got lodged in a tree, completely forgotten about until… he decided to take that tree down. When he blew up the tree with dynamite like only a boss would do (who needs an axe) the bullet was sent flying into Henry’s head. Dead instantly. Holy sh*t.

Frane Selak

Never travel with Frane Selak because you will die. This Croatian has been in so many travel accidents it’s a wonder that he even left his bed. The first train he ever took derailed and plunged into an icy river, leaving him as one of the only survivors. Deciding that maybe flying was a safer option, he hopped onto a plane a few years later. That plane’s hatch blew open and he was flung outside of the airplane (yes, airplane). Frank miraculously landed in a pile of hay and survived to ride another form of transportation: automobiles. He met no better luck with this form getting into three more accidents. The most notable of these is when he swerved to avoid a truck on the road and drove off of a cliff when he landed on a tree-branch and saw his car explode 300 feet below him. Either Frane experiences the worst luck in the world, or Croatia might just be a crappy country to live in.

Roy Sullivan

Roy must balls of steel because this guy has been struck by lightning on seven different occasions and lived to tell about it. That is, until he killed himself over a chick. The video below is a must-see recollection of the events.

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