12 Women NBC Should’ve Picked To Replace Meredith Vieira

Unless you live in a compound in Pakistan, you have the internet and know what the hell is going on with the world of news media. Meredith Vieira, co-host of NBC’s The Today Show, announced that she was leaving the show three months prior to her current contracts expiration date. Now, to many people this is a big deal. But to the rest of the world, we actually stopped watching once Katie Couric took her sexy legs off the set. NBC went with Ann Curry, who’s hot and all, but we’ll always wonder what could’ve been. Take a gander at the gals we think would’ve made suitable replacements below.

12. Robin Meade

Robin Meade is the beautiful host of HLN’s Morning Express with Robin Meade. She has worked for television news networks in Ohio, Florida, and Chicago. She has also covered the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. But what you do not know about her, unless you own a computer and already Googled it, she went skydiving with former president George H.W. Bush to celebrate his 85th birthday. Wow! If she has the balls to jump out a plane with a former president, she has more than enough to co-host The Today Show.

11. Jamie Colby

A dumb reporter would tell you the obvious things about Jamie Colby. Things like her age, where she was born, etc… I would rather use this moment to tell you that she attended the University of Miami to study law. What is so great about that, you ask? She was only 14 years old when she started school there. So yeah, I would say she has the smarts to go along with her hots!

10. Contessa Brewer

If she was not so freaking hot, Contessa Brewer might not be the best choice to replace Meredith Vieira in June, mainly because she is pregnant and hiring a woman who is six months pregnant is like asking a married woman to sleep over at your apartment. You know she is there but you can not do anything with here and she will be gone in the morning.

9. Liz Claman

The always sexy Liz Claman, exposing her breasts for all to see, brings herself into consideration for the job for two reasons. I will just let you guess as to what they are and no, it has nothing to do with her hands.

8. Laurie Dhue

What do you want a morning talk show host to do in order to keep you entertained? Do you want some lame, boring, not-so-pretty woman that makes you search for the off button on your remote? Or do you want a sexy, leggy, beautiful blonde who knows how to party? I will take the second one, Laurie Dhue. Sure, alcoholism is no joke but have you ever met a beautiful woman who was drinking and not fun to be around?

7. Courtney Friel

Speaking of beautiful blondes, Courtney Friel could be the only host on The Today Show and there would be no complaints from this department. She could do the weather, interviews, and any other crap they come up with all by her lonesome and I guarantee the ratings would skyrocket.

6. Jenna Lee

What is the daughter of a former NFL quarterback, Bob Lee, and sister to Nebraska backup quarterback, Zac Lee, doing as a news journalist? She should be scouring the NFL teams for a job as a sideline reporter or something related to sports. Regardless of why she is a reporter, she still is and a sexy one at that.

5. Lara Logan

Many of you have probably never heard of Lara Logan until this past month when her story about her sexual assault and beating in Cairo became public. If you watched the 60 Minutes special, as I did, then you probably felt the same anger I did for what those douche bags did to her. Aside from that, you probably also caught yourself thinking, “This chick is pretty sexy.”

4. Ines Sainz

Does this choice need an explanation? How about taking another look at her body? Now do I need to explain? And yes, I know she speaks little English but that’s what Rosetta Stone is for. Hell, no one could understand Heidi Klum a few years ago and now look at her.

3. Pamela David

Let’s stick with the international ladies for a moment. Pamela David, a smoking hottie from Argentina, became famous for her rocking bodyon a reality television show but she now hosts Fuera de Foco. But who cares what your resume looks like with a set of twins like those?

2. Ainsley Earhardt

Ainsley Earhardt, besides having a great name for television, is one of the sexiest women on Fox News. I will go one step further and say she is the hottest woman to ever grace us with her presence on Fox News and there have been handfuls of beauties, some on this list, to work for the Fox News Channel.

1. Erin Andrews

Hey, we had to make it up to her somehow after we roasted her Gator ass. :)

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