Kate Upton’s 14 Greatest Internet Moments

There literally isn’t enough Kate Upton to go around. It’s a feeding frenzy on the internet every time something new is released. She is so new that Maxim forgot to include her in their 2011 Hot 100 list and now since the Dougie video hit it big Kate is the queen of the internet.┬áSo, we’ve pulled together her best moments on the web for you to enjoy. We’re sure there will be plenty more in the months to come

1. Teaching The World How To “Dougie”

2. Kate Upton’s Greatest Twitpics

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3. Bikini.com “Swimsuit Superstar” Video

4. Kate Upton Beach Bunny Photos


5. 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit GIFS

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6. Kate Upton Gets Down With Jenna Leigh Lingerie

7. Beach Bunny Runway GIFS

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8. 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Video

9. Victoria’s Secret Pictures

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10. “The Bounce” GIF

11. 2011 Swimsuit Issue – Philippines Photos

12. 2011 Swimsuit Issue – Body Paint Photos


13. Kate Upton Guess Lingerie & Website Introduction

14. 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Outtakes

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Rhianna’s S & M Video Too Hot for Daytime TV [Video & Photos]
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