Top 29 Cities To Visit For Men

It’s that time of year again, boys (and girls who want to know where most men will be going after reading this article). Askmen has released their updated list of the 29 best places in the world to visit for dudes. Using their man-brains and man-experiences, they have compiled THE list of the best places a bro can go. Particularly important to us at COED is the ratio of men to women and the nightlife section. Also, the average temperature is a big deal. And the cost of partying. Alright, so there are a bunch of key factors. Check out where you should book your next trip below!

29. Amsterdam, Netherlands

28. Sydney, Australia

27. Mumbai, India

26. Montreal, Canada

25. Wellington, New Zealand

24. Istanbul, Turkey

23. Tallinn, Estonia

22. Beijing, China

21. Lisbon, Portugal

20. Punta del Este, Uruguay

19. Mexico City, Mexico

18. Naples / Amalfi Coast, Italy

17. San Francisco, California

16. Tangier, Morocco

15. Berlin, Germany

14. Cagliari/Sardinia, Italy

13. Tel Aviv, Israel

12. San Sebastian, Spain

11. Sao Paulo, Brazil


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