Celebrity Doppelganger Showdown: Odette Yustman vs. Megan Fox

May 10th is Odette Yustman‘s 26th birthday. Our brains are so fried here at COED that we couldn’t think of what to get her. Instead, we’re just opting to compare her looks to her doppelganger Megan Fox. The similarities are uncanny. Odette was our Miss COED in January 2007 when she starred in Cloverfield then made us hate babies in January 2009 with her role in Unborn . A couple weeks ago we placed Odette as the 2nd hottest girl at Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Party. Megan didn’t attend, so we weren’t able to get the matchup we wanted. COED nation, today that changes. Two women enter, one leaves. Check out the contestants’ pictures (Odette = left, Megan = right) and vote below.

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