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How To Turn Your GF Into An FWB


Newsflash: most girls have lots of options.

If it’s not the well-meaning male friend, the guy who hit her up on Facebook, or the sexy ex she has on speed dial, you need to expect that if she’s a cute girl, there are a lot of guys out there waiting to hit on her.

So before you tell her you want an open relationship, confess to cheating, or nag her about not doing the laundry, think twice. The second you screw up, chances are she’ll be flicking through her phone book looking for a pick-me-up.

Good news, though: if you think before you act and exercise some powers of persuasion, you could have your cake and eat it (that’s do the dirty and keep the girl).

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1. End on a High (Go Out With a Bang)

If you want to ask your girl for a break and you know its something she isn’t going to like, the temptation is very strong to behave terribly in the hopes she’ll dump you first. Problem with that is, if your aloof and all-around cruddy behavior has caused her to show you the door there may be no going back. And let’s face it, we always want to have that option, right? So instead of letting the relationship die a death, end on a high, and leave her wanting more. Have an amazing date or two then tell her that you think she’s wonderful but you’re not ready for commitment yet. Girls love a challenge, so this will allow you to walk away, with every hope that she’s going to chase you, and not another guy.

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2. Time Is On Your Side (It’s Not You, It’s Poor Timing)

If you want to get back with her in the future (probably) then dangle that possibility out there in the future. If she feels that it’s only the timing of the relationship, she’s much more likely to hang in there and tough it out. So, once you end on a high begin making vague references to the time it is in your life and why you need to ‘find yourself’/ ‘need ‘a bit more time’. In hinting that it’s ‘right girl, wrong time’ (instead of her just being Miss Right Now and not Miss Right), she’ll be inclined to ‘hang tough’ and see if she can change your mind. Expect more loyalty from her if there’s hope of a reconciliation; burn the bridge down and she’ll act out of vengeance… by hooking up with your best friend.

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3. Set ‘You’ Free

Want to stop her hitting the roof and hitting on your best friend? Then make your reasons for splitting ‘altruistic’, and ‘noble’ sounding. Don’t tell her the God’s honest truth that she’s just not doing it for you; instead make the reasons about ‘you’ and where you are in your life. Make the break about you needing your space, to be a better person, and that she deserves space to be adored, and ironically that’s the last thing she’ll want. Those old clichés of ‘I want to set you free’, and ‘it’s not me it’s you’ have been around for a reason. Don’t recite them verbatim and you could have her musing for hours about how to get back with you, instead of back at you.

REMEMBER: More is more and as so many players before you have proved, you can ditch the girl and still leave her wanting more. Good news for the girls is this probably works even better the other way round.


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