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20 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Penises


I’m sure that a bunch of you out there think with your penis, but how much time is spent thinking about them? Actually, don’t answer that. Instead, let’s just safely assume that you know nothing about your member except where to stick it (you’ve probably messed that one up a few times, too). Here’s 20 important facts you might have learned in Health class if you weren’t so busy looking at the ‘Breast Examination’ section. Check them out below.

20. You CAN break your boner – popping noise, followed by excruciating pain. And as profoundly humiliating as it may be, a trip to the ER is in order, since an untreated fracture can lead to permanent erectile dysfunction (ED).

19. “ED can be one of the first signs of heart disease,” says Dr. Joshua Fiske, a urologist at Overlook Hospital in Summit New Jersey, “and other chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) have also been linked to ED.”

18. Smokers may have a harder time getting hard.

17. “Research has shown some slight health benefits to circumcision,” says Dr. Fiske, “such as less urinary tract infections and a decreased risk of contracting HIV.”

16. Penis size, thickness and shape are not genetic.

15. 85 percent of guys can seal the deal in three minutes or less.

14. The signal to ejaculate is the result of muscle contractions in the spinal cord and pelvis.

13. Only 6 percent of the male population needs extra-large rubbers, according to condom manufacturers.

12. Your dong’s darker than rest of your body ‘cuz you beat off so damn much.

11. There is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size or nose size.

10. The less you jerk off, the more problems you’ll have.

9. About three and a half drinks for a 150-pound man can make him go limp.

8. Nothing can make a penis bigger — except aging. Unfortunately, the size of the prize stops growing by the time men hit their early 20s.


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