COED’s Low Priced Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Is it just me or are most Mother’s Day gift guides super pricey, lame, and sometimes inconvenient to shop for under time constraints? Sure, maybe your mom is a techie, or a gardener, or a movie aficionado, but is that ALL she is? Of course not! Here’s a Mother’s Day gift guide that’ll reach out and touch any mother’s heart on a more universal level, and luckily for you, fall under budget.

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Here’s a budget-friendly way to revamp memories: modernize an old photo (maybe your 3rd grade class photo or a picture of you and mom) by turning it into photo art on a sleek canvas or frame.


Unlike more expensive sites, offers an affordable selection of ways to update an old photo into a canvas print. One 11×11 photo is $13.99 after coupon discounts, which the site offers. White, black, and gold frames start at $14.95.  The site frequently offers specials and is currently offering 25% off orders plus free shipping on any size canvas.

<strong>CLICK THE PIC TO GO TO THE SITE</strong> allows you to order prints for as low as 9 cents each and create customized photo books, calendars, and cards. A Mother’s Day special on their site is offering free overnight shipping on orders of $30 or more until May 2nd. You can even browse inexpensive gifts under $10, including personalized collage books, posters, and mugs. How’s that for staying under budget?

Timeless Home Runs

Homemade Gift Basket

The following items will be sure to please any mother on Mother’s Day year after year. Shop for a nice handbag and fill it with little goodies your mom needs but never buys for herself:

  • Drugstore cream or hand lotion
  • Miniature scented soaps
  • Hair ties
  • Tube of lipstick
  • Small make-up bag
  • Cover for her cell phone
  • Year’s subscription to her favorite magazine or newspaper
  • $25 gift card to her favorite coffee chain or bookstore

Photo by Jan Tyler, iStock Exclusive

Flowers & Chocolates

Flowers and chocolate are always a timeless choice. Before you shell out hundreds for roses, here’s a little insider tip: go to you local florist or flower shop, and ask them if they have day-old roses or flower bouquets. They usually do and sell them at a lower price. Okay so maybe that’s a cheapo thing to do, but in the end your mom probably won’t notice the difference and you’ll save money.

Instead of splurging on expensive items from chocolate shops or online gourmet sites, get your mom a box of truffles or assorted chocolates from the local drugstore. They’re much cheaper than purchasing chocolate or gift baskets online. You’ll save on time, shipping, and money.

And finally, instead of ordering an impersonal gift basket, make your own. You don’t have to be a DIY king or master craftsman. All you need to do is buy a bushel basket, crate, or wicker basket (they can be cheap depending on where you get them, like at a dollar store). Then, design a theme for your basket. If your mom is a coffee lover, fill up the basket with different kinds of flavored coffees, biscotti, scones, and a mug. If that’s too pricey, fill up the basket with fresh fruit, or some candles, lotions, and soaps.

Labor of Love

Chores & Homemade Meals

What do moms want most? Alone time, freedom from never-ending chores, and time with their children.

This next idea works great for those extremely low on cash but still want to show their moms they care. Create a coupon book redeemable with various offers, from one coupon good for a car wash, or assistance with cleaning out the garage/basement/attic, another one for a free dinner, or something that is more suited for her interests and hobbies.

And finally, give your mom the one gift she’d never turn down: more of your time! Take her out to a nice, relaxing lunch, or better yet, surprise her with breakfast in bed or a home-cooked meal. If you live at home, you probably won’t have to spend money and can cook a great meal with that’s in the refrigerator. If you’ve got your own place, send your mom a formal invitation in the mail that states she’ll be invited to your home for a special lunch or dinner prepared by you. She’ll love the classy gesture and knowing you cooked something for her will make her feel special and loved. After all, isn’t that the point of Mother’s Day?

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