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Tyler the Creator Makes Eminem Look Like Miley Cyrus [NSFW VIDEOS, LYRICS]


Watch out Ringtone Rap, because yesterday, Tyler the Creator‘s new album “Goblin” leaked. If you’ve never heard of him, you should check him out. Why? Because imagine Eminem wrote lyrics on the worst day of his life and that’s what this twisted 20-year-old comes up with on a regular basis. And unlike that Juggalo Screamcore baloney, Tyler actually makes it work, spitting fire that comes with cockroaches and vomit (just watch the video below and you’ll see what we mean). While he gets a bad rap from the media because of his content, he claims that some of it he means and some of it he doesn’t. Here are some examples of why your grandmother would be reaching for the soap to clean his mouth.


I’m not an @sshole I just don’t give a f*ck a lot
The only time I do is when a b*tch is screaming “Tyler, stop”

Listen busters, scarier when I finger f*ck her
After I dig her up and then eat her out with a bit of mustard
I hate gays, gangbangers and f*cking jerkers
Unless it’s gay gangbangers that’s f*cking jerkers


This the revenge of the d*cks, that’s nine cocks that cock nines
This ain’t no V Tech shit or Columbine
But after bowling, I went home for some damn Adventure Time

“Tron Cat”

Victim, victim, honey you’re my fifth one
Honey on the top when I stuff you in my system
Rape a pregnant b*tch and tell my friends I had a threesome

Filled with terror, chop her legs off and tell her to run some errands
Put her eyes in a canteen, take her to the barracks
Steve says it costs ten to f*ck Eric
Put her in the lake, her (Laker) body seems great
Now its time to fish her, (Fisher) like Derek


It’s because I’m Dracula b*tch,
Don’t got a problem with smacking a b*tch,
Kidnapping, attacking, with axes and sh*t
Til she decides to take Dracula’s d*ck
Goddamn I love b*tches,
Especially when they only suck d*cks and wash dishes.

I can’t eat p*ssy ‘cuz I might leave cuts
Then there’s blood on my sheets but that might be a plus

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