COED’s Roast of Erin Andrews On Her 31st Birthday [PICS, TWEETS, VIDEOS]

Today is Erin Andrews‘ 31st birthday! We already know she’s hot, so we thought we’d help celebrate her birthday a little differently. We’ve compiled a collection of haters hatin’ on Erin from various sources: her Twitter feed, funny photos, viral videos, and one really creepy / hilarious writer.  Sure, she had a tough year last year, but we’re just showing her some tough love. Think of it as a roast, Ms. Andrews. If Donald Trump can stomach one, you can, too. Why all the hate? Who knows. Jealousy? Envy? All we know is people can be brutal. Check out her videos, pics, and tweets below!



(Erin’s tweet in red / Others in grey)

There are more than a few guys who also don’t take her seriously and give her the business on twitter. Here’s examples of ones that are funnier because apparently she cares enough to respond. Try it today and see for yourself what happens. Happy birthday Erin!

Erin: Before I takeoff wanted to put this out there..I’m w/in driving distance of AL..anyone there have any ideas how I can help w/ the relief?

BigKarl305: @ErinAndrews get a life ur not gonna help anyone u just doin it for the publicity

Erin: @BIGKARL305 did ur 17 followers think that was funny?

Erin: Loving Coach Huggins wearing his credential during the gm..solid..I always forget mine..

Parrish79: @ErinAndrews u don’t need it they probably recognize you as the reporter with the big nose

 Erin: Thk goodness u look like Brad Pitt RT @Parrish79: @ErinAndrews u don’t need it they probably recognize you as the reporter with the big nose

drklrdbill: Erin Andrews is on my flight to okc. Total c*nt b*tch.

Erin: @drklrdbill @JHStew what did I do to you guys to deserve that??


I know what everyone’s expecting to see here, but it’s not. One of the reasons is because it doesn’t exist :). Enough video evidence remains as players, fans, and coaches are all on the same page.

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