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53 Pornstars Flipping the Bird for Bird Day [PHOTOS]


May 4th is Bird Day, a holiday established by Oil City, Pennsylvania school superintendent Charles Babcock in 1894. It’s the first holiday in the U.S. dedicated to the celebration of birds. When we think of birds, we think of two things: Twitter and the middle finger. Do you know which type of professional excels at both Twitter and flippin’ the bird? That’s right, porn stars! Usually, when you’re the recipient of a digital F U, you get pissed, demoralized or offended. But, for some reason, when a porn star delivers the gesture, it awakens our naughty, filthy side – probably because it’s accompanied by a bad-ass extended tongue and pouty lips. To pay homage to our winged friends, we’ve sent this photo gallery of f*** picture stars flippin’ the bird into flight.They’re the wind beneath our wings.

COED Writer