12 Comedians Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows [VIDEOS, POLL]

It’s not uncommon for stand-up comedians to make the transition from one form of media to another, be it television, movies, cartoons or even music. With comedians like Louis CK and Daniel Tosh having landed their own TV programs, it just goes to show that their versatility has allowed them to dominate the television front. But still, there are many comedians that – regardless of their incomparable talent and popularity – have yet to have a show of their very own. Which ones would we tune in to watch every week? Read on to see COED’s list of 7 comedians that deserve their own television shows!

1) Gilbert Gottfried

Many remember this comedian for his role as the parrot Iago in Aladdin, but Gilbert has always been on the cutting edge of comedy. Where others fear to tread or question the timing of satire, Gilbert is there to strike first when others see a joke as too soon. He is the highlight of any comedy roast due to his cutthroat offensiveness, and his take on the Aristocrat joke is, hands down, the filthiest of them all. Despite losing his job as the voice of the Aflac duck over a joke he made about the Japanese earthquake, Gilbert continues to make the world laugh (even if not everybody is laughing). His fearlessness is his greatest strength and it’s perfect for a TV series that would be both funny and push the envelope. Given his dirty mouth, the show would find a home on either HBO or Showtime.

2) Eugene Mirman

Starring as a voice actor in several animated shows, Eugene has slowly worked his way up the comedy ladder. He is best known for his stand-up and online videos, including his life advice skits (Sexpert) and reporting for Grist TV. What makes Eugene Mirman such a great comedian is his ability to do comedy both straight-faced and goofy. You may have seen him as the quirky Russian terrorist in Delocated or the voice of the high-spirited Gene from Bob’s Burgers. With all of this under his belt, Eugene Mirman deserves of his own show.

3) Kristen Schaal

There are few female comedians out there, but Kristen Schaal manages to stand out from the crowd with her bizarre humor; her weird subjects and child-like delivery make for a memorable act. So far, she’s done stand-up at multiple festivals, appeared on several shows like Flight of the Conchords and The Daily Show, and has written for shows like South Park. Kristen is also a voice acting heavy-hitter , having done voices for Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3 and Bob’s Burgers. Also, let’s not forget about her book, Sexy Book of Sexy Sex. Having proven she can be both a competent writer and a comedic presence, Kristen Schaal could make one hell of a TV show.

4) Patton Oswalt

The title of geek culture’s representative in the stand-up comedy arena would most likely be Patton Oswalt. His humor covers a wide range of pop culture, from comic books to music. And unlike Dane Cook, Patton Oswalt can take his references and actually make them funny. Aside from his non-stop devotion to stand-up, Patton is no stranger to television having appeared on shows like King of Queens and The United States of Tara. Many will remember him for his long list of voices for animation such as the lead rat, Remy, in Disney’s Ratatoullie. He is also an incredible writer having written his own book, Zombie Spaceship Wasteland, and a one-shot Justice League comic, JLA: Workweek. With all of this talent, it’s hard not to imagine a Patton Oswalt TV series not becoming a hit.

5) Brian Posehn

You may not know his name, but you’ve probably seen him a dozen times on TV or in the movies. You’ve also probably referred to him as that big dude with the beard and the deep voice. Brian Posehn has certainly made a name for himself by pushing his way into the media, making a splash on the NBC hit Just Shoot Me. He has also made dozens of appearances on shows like The Sarah Silverman Program, Mission Hill, Reno 911 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He’s no stranger to the silver screen having appeared in movies such as The Devil’s Rejects and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. In addition to this, Brian has also released a music album and written for comic books. With so many accomplishments, don’t you think it’s time this gentle giant be handed his golden goose in the form of a TV show?

6) Todd Barry

When it comes to dead-pan comedy, Todd Barry is one of the best. His deep nasally voice and emotionless delivery of sarcasm give the simplest of jokes that extra bit of caustic hilarity. His name is huge on the stand-up circuit and has done voice-overs on several cartoons like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Home Movies. He is quickly becoming such a comedy legend that he has actually appeared as himself in television series like Delocated and Louie. This is a man who has worked his way to the top and should at least get a run for one season with a show of his own.

7) Emo Phillips

Emo is the king of speech exaggeration. He can take a bad joke and accentuate it with his wavering and shifting tone. You may remember Emo as the accident-prone shop teacher in UHF or the voice of the bully Shannon from Home Movies. Part of Emo’s charm is his comic timing in delivering a joke with an air of obliviousness. Even just speaking a simple line of dialogue can sound hilarious when coming Emo, which is perfect for holding a show that can have great gags and a plot. It’s amazing that in all the years Emo Phillips has been around, nobody has approached him about having his own TV series.

8) Jim Gaffigan

The Pale Prince of Comedy has appeared in commercials, films, and on TV shows but never his own TV show. Sure, he’s had stand-up specials like most on this list, but he’s never been the lead in a TV series. He was a role player on “My Boys” and he voiced an animated spin-off series, “Pale Force” for Late Night with Conan O’Brien but we think total creative control needs to be in his hands. Something along the lines of Louie on FX.

9) Jim Norton

Controversial and opinionated, Norton’s no holds barred routine would be perfect for a late night talk show. Picture Bill Maher but way cooler and not as douchey or smarmy.

10) Harland Williams

Most of you remember Harland as Kenny from Half Baked, but this quirky comedian could most likely put together a ridiculous, trippy variety show that’s so WTF it’s genius. Picture a combination of Tim & Eric, Wonder Showzen, and Robert Smigel’s TV Funhouse.

11) Stephen Lynch

How Stephen doesn’t have a show on MTV is beyond us. It could be just like HBO’s Flight of the Conchords.

Zach Galifianakis

Sure, he’s a big time movie star now, but people can’t get enough of this dude. Every time “Between the Two Ferns” is uploaded to the internets, it blows up. Why not make it a segment on a half hour serial? Are we taking crazy pills? Why doesn’t anyone else see this?

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