7 Superheroes Seth Rogen Could Play In The Movies [POLL]

Although the Green Hornet didn’t receive the best of receptions at the box office, the movie did prove – regardless of naysayers – that Seth Rogen can hold his own in a superhero flick, albeit in a comedic fashion. What many people don’t know is that in the comic universes inhabited by many of the industry’s heavy hitters, there are those that provide comic relief or are just so outlandish that they a find a place in the hearts of truly dedicated comic geeks. So which superheroes would benefit from Seth’s unique style of comedy? Check ’em out in the list of 7 superheroes Seth Rogen can play in the movies!

1) Guy Gardner

Yes, Seth, you CAN be a Green Lantern. Not just any Green Lantern, but the rudest, slick-talking, most smarmy Green Lantern of them all: Guy Gardner! So full of himself to the point of bursting at the seams, Guy has gone on special missions, picked a fight with Superman, mooned Batman, had some hot babes and even splintered off into different Lantern corps for a time. And he does all this with the dorkiest haircut of any superhero; Seth Rogen is almost a perfect fit for this role. With the 2011 Green Lantern movie getting a sequel, Seth should get his agent on this, pronto!

2) Bouncing Boy

In terms of being fat and stupid, you can’t get much better than Bouncing Boy. How did he get his powers? He mistook a scientific fluid for soda. Now he has all the superpowers of a super-ball. He was originally refused from joining the Legion of Super-Heroes, but soon joined their ranks shortly afterward. And as flubby and goofy as he is, he landed himself a wife, too! Somewhat unbelievable, but if Knocked Up is anything to go by, Seth might have an on-screen hook up when joins the Legion.

3) The Tick

Almost completely oblivious to the world around him, the Tick hops around skyscrapers, smashing into brick walls and trying to stop crime. Yeah, I know Seth Rogen doesn’t quite have a six-pack for the role and probably doesn’t have the body to be smashing through buildings. But, hey, if they can cover Ryan Reynolds in CGI for Green Lantern, they can do the same for Rogen. As long as the computer isn’t overtaxed covering up all that flab.

4) Animal Man

A spaceship explodes and Bernhard Baker can now adopt the powers from a menagerie of animals. Using this ability, he fights aliens and defends animal rights like a PETA super-soldier. When not defending both man and beast, he spends time with his family and acts as a stuntman in movies. Seth Rogen? As a family man? Look, he’s getting old. Pretty soon he won’t be able to play the pot-smoking hipster man-child in his mid-30s; he’ll be the OLD pot-smoking hipster man-child. And who’s to say you can’t be all that AND a family man? I think Rogen can pull it off… or fail horribly. Either way, it’ll be funny… I hope.

5) The Blimp

Actually, forget Bouncing Boy. The Blimp is as fat and stupid as you can get. Basically, Blimp is a big fat guy who can fly… but not very fast …and there has to be wind. He’s also a huge disappointment to his father – Captain Swift – who has the power of super-speed. So he’s basically a plump balloon with worthless abilities and a disgrace to his family. Sounds surprisingly like most of Rogen’s movie characters.

6) Captain Marvel

Want a superhero suited for a man-child? How about one that actually IS a man-child? When 10-year-old Billy Batson utters the word “SHAZAM,” he transforms into a big, bulky adult superhero… that retains the 10-year-old mind of Billy. Why do I get the feeling that both Seth Rogen and Will Ferrell would fight over this role? Granted, neither of them have the body or the voice for the role. But who knows, maybe they can both possess the body of Patrick Warburton.

7) Booster Gold

A janitor from the future steals some superhero material from a museum and travels back in time to become famous. Booster Gold is probably the douchiest hero of the DC universe. Just about everything he does is for his own publicity and self-gain. His smart alec flying robot, Skeets, provides him with infinite data and potential comedy as the straight man. I have no doubts that Rogen could pull off a role like this. The real question is who could play his loyal robot sidekick Skeets? I’m leaning towards Jesse Eisenberg.

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