3 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

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I’ve decided to take a week off from writing about seduction, sex and dating strategies to talk about the three ways you can make someone fall in love with you. Don’t worry if you’re not a hopeless romantic or have never drawn a love heart on anything, these tips are also useful to know if you want to seduce, date or have some naughty nookie with someone. People will feel strong feelings of attraction – and maybe even a twinge of love – towards someone who they think “gets” them. Luckily, you can shave off months of dating, hours spent on the phone and several meaningful conversations by using a few tricks of the PUA Training trade to connect with someone quickly!

1) Use “Cold Reading”

Cold reading is the art of making an assumption. Why is it so important? Because it cuts through people’s superficial behavior at lightning speed, taking a good stab at what they’re like underneath. For instance, if you start chatting to a girl who seems bubbly, wearing bright clothing or smiling as she works behind the checkout, infer that she’s a happy-go-lucky optimist and tell her that you imagine she’s extroverted, sociable and the first on the dance floor on a Friday night. Phrase your cold read positively with enthusiasm and she’s very likely to agree with you. If you’re lucky, then she may also get a dose of deja vu and give you her number.

2) Talk Emotionally

Spending hours nattering about whether she prefers PC’s or Macs isn’t going to make her heart beat faster. Instead, use all of your conversational might to swing your banter towards subjects that involve thoughts and feelings. A simple way to do this is if she says to you that she likes or dislikes something. Prompt her to be more specific by asking her “why is that?” Likewise, if the conversation begins to roll towards work, or another snooze worthy topic, be quick to ask about personal relationships: what are her colleagues like, are there any office romances, etc. Anything to get her thinking emotively and not logically.

3) Dream and Imagine

Use your cold reading prowess to try and establish what kind of a person she is, then take this one step further by imagining an adventure you could have together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little whimsical or is plainly never going to happen; by imaginatively involving her in an adventure you might share – partying in Vegas, driving down route 66, or having an Oreo eating contest – it will almost feel like you’ve had that experience together in real life, sans plane tickets, bulging waistlines, commitment and all that other unpleasantness.

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