Titus Andronicus World Premiere “No Future Part Three: Escape From No Future” [VIDEO]

Titus Andronicus, aka: probably the best new band on the scene, is debuting their new music video online and WE are helping premiere it! I saw these guys at a minuscule club in Jersey City, NJ two years ago and they are extremely kick ass. It makes be proud to see them blowing up into potential super-star status.

Why on Earth would they want COED to help them premiere the video you ask? Because I am from Jersey! That is right, the band is inviting the entire state of New Jersey to premiere the video and even though COED’s offices are in Manhattan it still counts.┬áJust another reason New Jersey is the greatest state in America. Period! So now to get back to the original point of this story. I am filtering my kick-ass Jersey’ness down to you in the form of┬áTitus Andronicus’ new video. You’re seeing it here first so enjoy!

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