The Many Faces of Jay Cutler On His 28th Birthday [21 PHOTOS]

April 29th is Jay Cutler‘s birthday! No, not the ginormous bodybuilder Jay Cutler, we’re talkin’ about Mr. Kristin Cavallari Jay Cutler. Earlier this week, we told you the diabetic Bears bomber got engaged to the former Laguna Beach bombshell. Our knee jerk reaction is huh? She’s a blonde Barbie from the OC and Jay’s a Bieber-hair-wearin,’ sour-pussed, open-mouthed gunslinger from… no joke… Santa Claus, Indiana. Something tells us Kristin couldn’t name 5 Bears on the current team. Ah, to be rich and famous. Those harsh Lake Superior winds might have Kristin pushing for a trade to Miami. Anyway, it’s no secret that Cutler gets teased for the the faces he makes. Personally, I can sympathize – I have to look at Eli’s dumbfounded mug every time he throws a pick in the redzone. Anyway, to celebrate Jay’s big birthday / engagement week, we’ve compiled a photo gallery of his many funny faces.

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