Ariel Piper Fawn Overdose [105 PHOTOS]

Have you ever seen a name quite as mythical and majestic as Ariel Piper Fawn’s? It combines Little Mermaid, Peter Piper (or “Rowdy Roddy” for you WWF fans) with a lovelorn gaze or a lil’ deer. Anyway, this 26 year old porn star from the Czech Republic actually goes by a sh*t ton of other just-as-awesome names – Faith Lightspeed, Gala, and Gabriela Lupinkova among many others. She claims she used to be innocent before the camera got a hold of her. Eye of the devil, those cameras are. Anyway, here’s a fawn-filled gallery of Ariel’s hottest pics. We’re gonna go plug our names into a nickname generator, brb.

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