5 Films That Even The Directors Admit Sucked [VIDEOS]

It’s difficult to say for certain whether a movie is good or bad since such a debate is relative, and entirely up to the viewer; one man’s schlock is another man’s cinematic masterpiece. But when the director himself admits his movie was a total flop, it can be tough to stand your ground and defend that high opinion of yours. Whether it was issues with the script or the inability to procure funding for the project, it can be easy for a movie to go from a bold vision into a mediocre mess with the blame falling squarely on the already burdened shoulders of the director. Get a front row seat for COED’s list of 5 films the directors admitted sucked!

Dune (directed by David Lynch)

Frank Herbert’s epic science-fiction novel Dune – filled with sandworms, psychics, morbid obesity and spice that makes your eyes turn blue – made for a nearly impossible film adaptation. Plans for the movie began as early as 1971, but over the years, several directors dropped off the project. Complications arose left and right including budget issues and the script.

Ten years later, David Lynch stepped up to the plate and pushed the film through production with a budget of $40 million (incredibly high for a movie budget in the 80s). This was an odd choice for Lynch considering he had stated several times he hadn’t read the book and has very little interest in science fiction. His disinterest was certainly palpable with Dune failing to impress with poor ticket sales at the box-office and a mountain of negative reviews.

Lynch was just as quick to dismiss the film as the critics, stating that it was a mess because of internal disputes with producers refusing him final cut privileges. A few years after Dune’s release, Universal created a director’s cut featuring almost an hour of cut footage, but Lynch – strongly opposed to the project – requested that he not be credited for the uncut edition. The extended cut was released under the fake director name “Alan Smithee.” Lynch has rarely brought up Dune during interviews as he prefers to distance himself from the project.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (directed by Michael Bay)

Before the screenwriters’ strike that took from 2007 to 2008, a treatment was written up for the sequel to the smash hit of the summer, Transformers. However, with the strike going on, the writers couldn’t get around to writing the script for a few more months. Deciding not to waste any time with such petty movie elements like a script, director Michael Bay took the treatment and spun it into his own script in order to get production moving. The result was a convoluted mess complete with Tom Kenny (the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants) voicing dumb robots with racially stereotypical –  and hackneyed – slang.

After months of people talking smack about how awful Transformers 2 turned out, including Megan Fox who talked herself right out of the third film, Michael Bay has finally comes to terms with how bad the film really is, and also admits that the lowbrow comedy and racial stereotype bots will be removed from the third film. It’s good to see that Bay is at least learning from his mistakes, but I just wish the audience didn’t have to pay for that lesson.

Elektra (directed by Rob Bowman)

Director Rob Bowman knew the limitations of making this spin-off to Daredevil since he only had Jennifer Garner for a limited time – due to the film’s production running concurrently with the show Alias. He also knew that the film would have less-than-stellar special effects, destroying all chances of it becoming the next superhero epic in the vein of Batman or Spider-Man. So why did he even bother going through with this travesty? Apparently, he convinced himself that everything would be okay as long as he focused on the characters. I don’t know which characters he was talking about, but it certainly wasn’t that annoying kid in the movie.

Batman & Robin (directed by Joel Schumacher)

Nipples on the Batman suit? Don’t you feel even a little ashamed for doing that? Actually, director Joel Schumacher is sorry (mostly) for the blemish on the DC franchise that was Batman & Robin.

On the DVD commentary, Joel admits that the film was intentionally made to sell toys and thus geared towards kids. Though he claims this was the studio’s fault, he still takes the blame. He realizes that the film disappointed many Batman fans and, moreover, he admits that he’s a big Batman fan himself (unlike Tim Burton), and would much rather direct an adaptation of Batman: Year One.

Don’t forget, this is the same guy who before Batman & Robin directed the intense drama Falling Down – so at least we know he can direct moments of badass. Too bad it didn’t carry over into the Batman franchise. He doesn’t, however, apologize for the whole nipple thing.

Spider-Man 3 (directed by Sam Raimi)

Sam Raimi had a blast when it came to making the first two Spider-Man films, but when it came to the third in the trilogy, Raimi had much less control over the final product. Both the studio and the fans demanded that Venom be a villain in the next movie despite Raimi’s huge distaste for the character.

Raimi originally wanted to include Vulture as a villain, but the studio demanded that Venom had to be in the movie whether he liked it or not. With the second film being a  large box-office smash, you’d think that Raimi would be given total control. Could you imagine if Warner Bros forced Christopher Nolan to put Mr. Freeze in The Dark Knight?

To this day, Raimi credits the mediocre quality to Sony’s meddling. He doesn’t really address the fanboys who demanded the change, but I think they realize the error of their ways. But Raimi won’t get the chance to redeem himself or the franchise as Sony has ordered a reboot to be released in 2012 with Marc Webb at the helm.

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