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Gorgeous Girls Getting Hosed on Dyngus Day [46 PHOTOS]


Happy Dyngus Day, e’erybody! The day originated after the baptism of Polish Prince Mieszko I in 966 A.D. and evolved into a massive wet t-shirt contest. Otherwise known as “Easter Monday” or “Wet Monday” Dyngus Day is mostly a Polish holiday where girls get wet and wild (most likely in an effort to wash off all that chocolate).  In the U.S., Dyngus Day celebrations are widespread and popular in Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, New Hampshire, South Bend, Indiana (free polish sausage for ND students), Yale University, Chicago, and Buffalo, which is home to the world’s largest organized celebration and the world’s largest Dyngus Day squirt gun. To celebrate, we’ve compiled a photo gallery of gorgeous girls getting hosed that’s sure to make your dyngus happy.

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