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7 Tasty Snacks Fit For A Drunk


It’s been a long day, and an even longer night – filled with frosty pints of beer and dizzying shots of booze; only interrupted by the less-than-intelligent conversation with the nearest co-ed at the bar. On that hazy and winding stroll home, your group of drinking buddies begins to realize that recognizable feeling of the “drunken munchies,” stricken with the desire to eat nearly anything and everything in sight. Whether you’re passing through the glorious fast food district, digging through a pile of take-out menus, or ransacking the fridge, there’s bound to be something which appeals to your inebriated appetite! Hit the jump to see COED’s list of 7 tasty snacks fit for a drunk!

1) Pizza

Quite possibly one of the best and most popular choices of all time, this Italian treat will have your mouth watering before you even pick up the phone to order. We’re not sure if it’s the combination of freshly baked dough, cheese and sauce, or the booze-induced hunger which could have you eating a can of sardines before bed, but you can’t miss with a fresh slice (or three) of pizza.

2) Cheese Steak

If there’s one thing worth standing in line for after a night of bar hopping, it’s a fat, juicy cheese steak – piled high with all the fixings: juicy beef hot off the grill, melted cheese, onions, peppers and toppings galore piled into a fresh roll. This will be an absolute explosion on your taste buds!

3) French Fries

One of the more basic pieces of the midnight munchies food group, fries are the easiest and quickest bite to grab, especially in the wee hours of the morning. Topped with cheese, chili, or other delicious extras, fries can be as amazing or as plain as you like. Hit up a fast food spot, stop in at the diner, or grab some from a street vendor and quell that rumbling in your stomach.

4) Nachos

Ideal for sharing with your group of groggy drinking buddies, a plate piled high with tortilla chips and cheese is just the foundation for this late night snack. Topped off with jalapeños, beans, chili, chicken, salsa, peppers, olives and almost anything else you can think of, nachos are perfect for when you want everything at once.

5) Ice Cream

Perhaps your drunken taste buds are calling for something a little sweeter than burritos and burgers? If the ice cream parlor is still open, then you’ll literally be acting like a kid in a candy shop, but the late night convenience store can also help to feed your fix and have you sleeping like a baby in no time. From Klondike Bars to Chipwiches, there’s plenty to choose from! So take your time, the store’s open all-night, anyway.

6) Ramen

Not only will this fit into you’re anemically small college budget, but it cooks in a matter of minutes – leaving you little time to pass out before the food’s ready. The meat flavored salty broth will warm your insides while you slurp up those noodles which seem tailor made for a 2 a.m. drunken meal. Just try to not to burn yourself by diving in too early!

7) Burritos

Filling, tasty, and relatively inexpensive, the late night burrito is easy to find and even easier to devour in your sloshed state. Even if you missed the last call at Taco Bell, don’t be afraid to grab the frozen variety (even though they leave much to be desired when compared to their Taco Bell brethren). Just toss it in the microwave and chow down on the swirling combination of psuedo-meat, beans and cheese before you finally turn out the lights.

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