The 66 Sexiest Alison Brie Facebook Photos

You know when you first see a girl and you think she’s cute, but then as time goes by and you get to know the chick more she grows on you? Then you realize you’re growing every time you see her?Such is the case with Community’s Alison Brie. When NBC’s quirky half hour comedy about a study group at a community college started, I think even the producers and writers thought Ms. Brie was a pretty face that would be a prude – the punchline for everyone’s virginity jokes. But, my assumption is, viewers saw a lil naughty in her and demanded she hook up with Joe McHale’s character, Jeff, instead of the Gillian Jacobs’ Britta. The customer is always right! Especially in this case, because now Al-Brie gets more face time.

With each huff and puff we get more fuzzy feelings for her. She blinded us with hotness at the red carpet premiere of Scream 4. She was the lead image on our list of 50 sexiest jewish women we can’t passover and we forgot she was even on Mad Men! We completely left her off our tv characters you wanted to hook up with and snubbed her on our list of hottest women of Fall TV. For that, we apologize, Alison. We hope to make it up to our users with this photo gallery of provocative pics from her freakin’ hot Facebook album.

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