The Real Story of 420 From Five in the Know

420 is a beautiful number.  It’s a time, it’s a date and more importantly a lifestyle. You know the digits, but did you ever wonder how the 420 became the representative number of stoners and weed sympathizers anyway? What’s behind this numerical symbol? Well, the theories and conjecture are far from scientific fact. It would seem nobody knows for sure. But like all mysteries… someone knows the truth, but they aren’t talking, they are deceased, or they simply forgot… which often happens when toking a little too much super chronic.

So instead of racking our own brains to decipher the DaVinci Code of pot culture, COED sought out some ‘in the know’ counterculture figures for their insight into the high life of 420. This generous panel of 5 experts has been harvested from the music, activism, and cultivation worlds, and all have agreed to tell COED what 420 means, from personal, historical, or professional perspectives.

Ed "NJ Weedman" Forchion

NJ Weedman

Ed Forchion never intended to become a counterculture hero, but destiny led him to jail time. Jail time led him to learn the American drug policy from top to bottom. This knowledge turned him into a marijuana activist. He ran for office, sparked a phatty – more than once – in public places, fought for reform in New Jersey, and eventually sought asylum in California, where he turned capitalist. NJ Weedman is now the proud proprietor of the Liberty Bell Temple medical marijuana dispensary in Hollywood.

“420 started as a California slang term in reference to “marijuana use” it has evolved into a national counterculture holiday April 20 , where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis. 420 now stands for legalization. I believe the example California is showing the rest of the country is invaluable. I believe California will independently legalize marijuana before any other state does it. When it does, it will force other states to deal with the reality that marijuana legalization won’t end society.” – Ed “NJ Weedman” Forchion

Kottonmouth Kings

Kottonmouth Kings

They are dubbed a “rip-hop” band for their mix of punk and rap musical flavors. While the group fired up their first musical joint on a major league record label, KMK eventually went the route of self-rule and fully engaged in their own independent label and marketing strategies. Weed appreciation and extreme sports are the two primary tools of the business model. The members don’t just talk the talk when it comes to smoke… they actually believe in and live it. Newest member The Dirtball and founding member Daddy X offer their take on 420.

“420 to me, holds not only the original “time to blaze” meaning, but also a significant time of day and day of year, when like-minds converge. If you think about how widespread and momentous that number has become, it sheds light on how many people can come together for common goals, at one time. Whether it be for relaxation, or to exercise freedom of choice, 420 has become and is becoming more and more powerful with every session. Let’s utilize it!!!” – The Dirtball

“420 is the universal code to fire it up! It represents the peoples’ will to free choice free thought and free action. 420 celebrates god’s gift and unifying powers!! And more than anything it means it time to get high!! 420 is also extra special this year because KMK is releasing Long Live the Kings on 420 2010!” – Brad “Daddy” X

Devin the Dude

Devin the Dude

Houston rapper Devin Copeland has been blowing smoke rings around the underground music scene since the late 90’s, and on the 20th of April, he releases the aptly titled Suite 420 album. The Dude, as he’s better known, likes the green buds and the lyrical content often serves to reinforce the concept. Even though his music can bump while delivering a laid back vibe, Devin the Dude doesn’t believe in subtlety when speaking out about the subject of 420.

“To me 420 is or should be a yearly if not a daily celebration of an herb that bridges the gaps between race, color, religion, social status, and political stance. A day of appreciation for a gift that grows naturally to heal and uplift. A holiday that’s full of joy, laughter, and plenty weed for all to enjoy!” – Devin the Dude

Ministry of Cannabis

Guilio Sequi

Located in the Netherlands, The Ministry of Cannabis isn’t a religious cult worshiping an almighty botanical god. Rather the establishment is one of the premier places for development of new marijuana strains. These people live and breath (pun intended) marijuana; the science, effects, and usefulness in all its glory. As director of the Ministry, Giulio oversees the many facets of operation of a cannabis business venture. Yet much of what he knows regarding the 420 myth all comes from the States.

“In Europe we are not familiar with 420 concept. However I worked for more than 10 years in the industry and I participated to many cannabis cups. I have met a number of Americans clients and I have many friends between American expat breeders so they introduced me to this concept. The funny part is, nobody know where it comes from, but all the smokers know it and observe it.” – Guilio, Ministry of Cannabis

Dr. Ingleweed & friend in the Garden of Weeden

Dr. Ingleweed

Based in the South Bay area of California, the All American Health and Healing Cooperative was created in 2005 by expert grower, Dr. Ingleweed. The good “doctor” began honing his botanical skills back in 1994 while attending college, and now he has a mastery of green budding — which can be witnessed first hand in his Garden of Weeden. Ingleweed has every intention of making quite a celebration out of April 20th, and his views on the myth are drawn from historical and personal insight:

“Research states that 420 originated from the Waldos. A group of teenagers who hung out by the wall in Rafael, CA who met after school daily at 4:20 pm to smoke marijuana. 4/20 is a day to celebrate and consume marijuana. Although 4/20 is not associated with medical marijuana, 420 is associated with smoking cannabis. I must say I am thankful for this day. For me personally, 4-20 is an annual holiday for marijuana smokers around the globe. This day represents a time of unity, peace and the cannabis. Our 4-20-2010 party will be an event to remember.” – Dr. Ingleweed

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