The Best And Worst TV Shows To Watch While High

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TV and marijuana go together like, well, TV and marijuana. While getting high makes doing just about anything more fun, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as getting stoned and becoming one with the couch for a marathon of your favorite shows. But be warned, watching TV while high can be a double-edged sword because while there’s plenty of awesome programming out there, there’s also a few which are so bad they’ll instantly kill your buzz. Check out our guide to the 5 best – and the 5 worst – TV shows to watch while high.



1) American Dad!

To be honest, all of  Seth McFarlane’s shows are awesome to watch while high, but American Dad! takes the cake simply because it’s the weirdest. From the Christmas episode which involved Steve traveling back in time to shoot Reagan, to the one where it was revealed that Stan has been secretly bald for years (and might, in fact, also be a robot), you simply never know where this show is going. Plus, the chances are good that, in any episode, Roger is getting f*cked up right along with you.


2) Weeds

It’s always cool to see characters on TV smoking pot while you sit at home doing the same. But there’s more to Weeds than just weed. There’s the beautiful Mary-Louise Parker, who stars as a suburban mom forced to sell weed in order to provide for her kids after her husband unexpectedly dies. What started as a pot show has grown more and more bizarre each season, as the family unwillingly descended into more sinister activities such as murder and arson.  With so many twists and turns – not to mention the awesome Kevin Nealon – this show is a stone cold classic (no pun intended).


3) Robot Chicken

This stop-motion cavalcade skewers just about every toy, TV show and video game from your youth, and is usually so weird it takes lots of weed to fully appreciate it. Created by Seth Green, and with a score by Les Claypool, it’s safe to assume that everybody in the making of this show is high, so the viewers might as well be too.



Is there anything more relaxing than sitting in the comfort of your own home, smoking a bowl and watching people you don’t know get arrested? Sure, occasionally someone gets routed with a minor possession charge, but for the most part, the people getting busted on COPS are real criminals who you certainly don’t want in your neighborhood. While we’re not huge fans of weed being illegal, it is nice to know that the cops are out there to protect us from all the shirtless, violent crazies of the world. Also, it’s just plain fun to get high while watching cops do cop stuff.


5) Beavis and Butt-Head

Ah, the classic stoner show. While Beavis and Butt-Head were never implied to be tokers, they sure acted like they were baked out of their minds. The incessant laughing, the lack of motivation, the love of music – we’ll  get high and watch music videos with these two any day of the week.



1) Jersey Shore

MTV has great shows to watch when you’re high – case in point being The Real World and Teen Mom 2. But the Jersey Shore is just too much to handle when baked. A seemingly interchangeable cast of orange mutants who use lots of made-up words and constantly get into fistfights? It takes only a hit or two before you’ll be convinced you’re watching some crazy SyFy channel B-movie set on a planet far, far away.


2) Meet the Press

Don’t get us wrong – it’s good to be up-to-date on today’s political climate. But watching Meet The Press while high can be a grueling affair. Politicians, by and large, tend to talk in confusing, nonsensical circles, using a million words to say absolutely nothing. Being high is a time to take it easy and be happy – not the time to realize that all of our elected officials are basically dumber than you – the guy getting high on a Sunday morning.


3) Intervention

This show is a surefire way to kill your buzz. Let’s be clear: marijuana is not a real drug. It’s not addictive, it doesn’t make you act all crazy and you can imbibe at night without being hungover the next day. No one’s on Intervention because they’re addicted to marijuana. Which is why it’s all the more depressing to see people throwing their lives away with heroin, meth and excessive amounts of alcohol. Smoking a bowl or two at night is a great stress reliever, but getting high while watching people who have no idea what “moderation” means is just too harsh.


4) The View

The View is never good to watch, but watching it while high is unbearable. Because not only do those chicks never stop talking, they never stop talking over each other. When we’re high, we like to take it slow and easy – which means we don’t want to hear a bunch of has-been celebrities all shouting over one another as if their insights on the day’s events are the most interesting thoughts in the world.


5) Ghost Hunters

We’re fans of this show, but watching it while high tends to make us a bit paranoid, especially at night. Was that the house settling, or was it a ghost? Was that the wind, or was it a ghost? Is that pot smoke hanging around in the living room – or yet another ghost?  After an episode or two of Ghost Hunters, it’s hard not to see the paranormal everywhere, especially when you’re baked. On the plus side, when you’re high, it is a lot easier to believe that a guy with a tape recorder and night vision camera is actually some kind of scientist.

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