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[7 PHOTOS] Brooklyn Decker Goes Topless FTW!


They say Christmas only comes once a year, which James Bond disproved in “The World Is Not Enough” when he banged Denise Richards’ character Christmas Jones. Looks like ol’ 007 was right because pics from Brooklyn Decker’s latest photo shoot with Mark Squires just leaked and they’re the best present a man could ever ask for. While Passover and Easter have many believing in God, these images of Brooklyn Decker are proof positive the Big Man exists. Why? Because she’s topless. And none of that bullsh*t hand bra, arm bra, sand bra, sideboob, Heidi Montag in Playboy topless. We’re talking you can full on see nips. I think men around the world owe a tremendous debt to photographer Mark Squires (and Egotastic). This has to catapult Brooklyn to favorite model of all-time, no?

  • COED Writer