The Best and Worst Places To Smoke Pot

CNBC’s Marijuana & Money (one of our Websites of the Week) recently published its list of top marijuana travel destinations. While everyone who hasn’t lived in a bomb shelter knows Amsterdam is the place to be, there are a ton of other places where you can enjoy smoking some good, quality pot. However, not everyone is on board with the puff parade. We’re here to point you in the right direction with a list of some of the world’s hottest smoking destinations, as well as ones you should avoid all together!


1) Amsterdam

I’ve personally been here and it’s a total pot-smoking paradise. The weed is easily the best I’ve ever had, and nothing beats an afternoon spent in a quiet coffee shop smoking pot and watching the myriad of local characters walk past. But be warned: Amsterdam is dirty and rather dangerous – the parks are filled with heroin addicts, and panhandlers tend to be frighteningly aggressive. But as long as you don’t wander too far off the beaten path, this is the spot for world-class weed.

2) Boulder, Colorado

While the Mile High City – and Colorado in general – is famously pot-tolerant, nothing beats the college town of Boulder for when you really want that mile-sized high. The city is thick with high-quality bud, and nearly everybody smokes. Plus, with that thin mountain air, you’ll not only get high quicker, you’ll stay up there longer.

3) Louisville, Kentucky

Pot may make you quiet, but money talks. And since marijuana is the number one cash crop in Kentucky, the enforcement of pot laws is pretty relaxed. Of course, if this season of Justified is anything to go by, the pot growers might be more dangerous than the cops. But, still, Kentucky grows some down-home high-quality bud.

Photo by The Michigan Daily

4) Ann Arbor, Michigan

While Ann Arbor may not be immediately synonymous with “good weed,” this college town is the host of “Hash Bash,” a city-wide pot party held annually every spring. Good weed and good times – a winning combination!

5) Hawaii County, Hawaii

Aside from having the perfect climate to blaze one up, Hawaii is famous for having world-class pot. And if that’s not enough, anyone over 21 can privately grow and possess up to 24 ounces. So, does “aloha” mean “hello” or “goodbye” – most likely, you’ll be too stoned to care.


1) Little Rock, Arkansas

In Octoboer 2010 High Times magazine said this city has the lowest quality pot in the entire country. Not only that, but any possession can potentially result in jail time. As if you needed a reason to avoid Arkansas.

2) Las Vegas, Nevada

Sin City’s pot paranoia was famously chronicled in Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the trend continues today. Possession of just an ounce is a felony charge which comes with possible jail time. So it’s best to just stick to booze, because what stays in Vegas might just be you if you get caught with bud.

Its a trap!

3) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting on your couch or if you’re walking through a park – get caught with enough weed here and you’ll lose your driver’s license. This odd disconnect between crime and punishment is enough to make us say A-not-OK and avoid this city altogether.

4) Guatemala

Guatemala – while not exactly topping anyone’s vacation wish list – is especially off-limits for pot-smokers. While locals are given some leeway, tourists caught with marijuana are normally held in jail for several days with no trial. Get high, go directly no jail? No bueno, señor.

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