Raymond Cox And The Quest For 1 Million Gamerscore Points [INTERVIEW]

Photo by Raymond Cox

You may have never heard of Raymond Cox, a.k.a Stallion83, but one thing is for sure: he has a higher Xbox Live gamerscore than you do, and he has the world records to prove it. Since 2005 – on the launch day of the Xbox 360 console – Raymond has been aggressively pursuing one million XBL achievement points – a number he hopes to be the first person in the world to reach. At 550,500 points and counting, we caught up with Raymond via email to learn how his quest got started, how it’s going and what games he looks forward to this year. After all, who better to ask than the guy who plays everything?

RAYMOND ON: How He Got Started

“I really started getting on the achievement kick in the first part of 2006. It wasn’t like it was new since I did unlock my first achievement in Hexic HD on the [Xbox] 360 launch day. It just clicked for me at the beginning of 2006, as I was chasing leaderboard positions. The 1,000,000 goal came to me when I was very close to the 250,000 mark, which was in September of 2008. The idea just came to me and the next morning I started a blog about my journey to 1,000,000 gamerscore [points].”

RAYMOND ON: Reach 1,000,000 Gamerscore Points

“It will take me around four more years, which brings the total years to accomplish such a feat nine in all. I might be able to squeak it in before the end of 2014. A lot of mental and endurance challenges pop up during this process, but my knowledge for gaming is fairly vast because of it all.”

RAYMOND ON: Achievement Tips And Playing “For Fun”

“Well, it really depends on the game. Some games make it really enjoyable to get all the achievements. While others make you grind out for an ungodly amount of time. I don’t mind some dedication, but there are a few games that go overboard. One tip is do what you like. There are so many games out now, you can easily increase your gamerscore in a way that is enjoyable to you. I think that is key if [aiming for a high] gamerscore is your thing, especially if you’re just starting out. You can also check out www.trueachievements.com which is a great resource and community site for gamers.”

RAYMOND ON: Where He Gets His Games

“I do a little bit of everything to get the games. I’m not really a big game collector these days as I was in the past. Currently I’m in a unique position to do a lot of different things in the gaming world.  Unlike pro gamers, you can see my progress in what I’m doing and trying to accomplish. Nor am I tied down to just a single game for years. Not a knock on pro gamers at all, I’m just in a different position. This is what I want to make a career out of because gaming is obviously something that I’m extremely passionate about. So everything I’m already getting is a dream come true. I’ll be keeping my options open to just about anything. In poker terms, I’m all-in and there is no turning back. I do live a much more normal life than most would think, I’ve just been consistent with being a gamerscore and achievement hunter since the very beginning.”

RAYMOND ON: His Favorite Video Games

“Some of my all-time favorite games are oddly Nintendo franchises: Zelda, Mario, but those days are over… for now. Keeping a little more current, Halo redefined first-person shooters on console[s] and Halo 2 paved the way for Xbox LIVE and multiplayer console games as we know it. Even more current: Mass Effect, Battlefield, Fallout, Oblivion and Call of Duty,  just to name a few. In my quest I’ve fell in love with a ton of other games. I like achievements, but I like good quality games over easy achievement games any day of the week. I think that aspect of my journey is misinterpreted. I’m like a taste tester, some things will taste bad, but how do you know if you never try it? I pride myself on playing everything in the spectrum so I can relate with all gamers on some level.”

Photo by XtendPlay, Flickr

RAYMOND ON: The Perks Of His Career

“The Guinness World Record certificate was really cool to receive and a great honor. I was in the Guinness World Record Gamers Edition book the past two years. I’ve been in magazines, newspapers and high profile websites all over the world since 2006. Kotaku, Ars Technia, Game Informer, EGM, OXM UK, GEE magazine, just to name a few. The biggest was probably the interview I did for Yahoo that made the front page. People that know nothing about gaming saw that article.

When I hit 500,000 gamerscore [points] last year, I was contacted by companies to endorse their products. The one I chose to put my seal of approval on was a controller accessory called XtendPlay made by Xwerx. It’s a great product that I’m happy to be part of. It may look a little strange at first sight, but it’s really a great product that solves a few problems with how uncomfortable a standard Xbox 360 or PlayStation controller can be. It has gotten a slew of great reviews from all kinds of different websites. You can check it out for yourself at www.xwerxonline.com. I’ve been using mine ever since November and it’s no doubt an improvement over how the standard controller feels in your paws.”

RAYMOND ON: Games He’s Looking Forward To

“There are some barn burners coming out towards the end of the year that I cannot wait to try out. Mass Effect 3, Skyrim and Gears of War 3 are the three that jump out. I’m a huge basketball fan so I always look forward to the next NBA 2K title. I never look forward to a game strictly because of their achievements. To be honest, I don’t seek out what achievements are in games before they come out.  I get the game, skim the achievements and off I go.”

We at COED are behind Raymond and wish him nothing but the best! For more information on Raymond’s quest, check out his blog at www.1milliongamerscore.com.

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