Kate Upton’s 15 Sexiest TwitPics Revealed [PHOTOS]

By now, you can probably tell we (and most of the world) have a very small crush on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Rookie of the Year, Kate Upton. We also have an incredible amount of pride for being one of the first sites to jump on the Upton bandwagon – we called her America’s Next Great Bikini Model and showed you her awesomeness in motion with sexy animated gifs and a video of her teaching how to Dougie. Now, we bring you her sexiest twitpics. Twitter’s like a publicist’s nightmare and super fan’s wet dream. Thank you, lil’ blue bird!

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SI Swimsuit Model Sexy TwitPics [298 Photos]

Gorgeous Grid Girl Glutes [120 PHOTOS]
Gorgeous Grid Girl Glutes [120 PHOTOS]
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