Happy Thai Boob Year [40 PHOTOS]

April 13th is the beginning of the New Year for many South and Southeast Asian cultures like Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. They celebrate with festivals known as “Songkran”, “Rongali Bihu”, “Pohela Boishakh”, “Thingyan”, “Vaisakhi”, “Vishu”, “Vikram Samvat”, or “Puthandu”. Songkran features revelers paying respect to elders then hitting the streets with plastic water guns and buckets. About 3,400+ people participated in the Guinness World Record for largest water gun fight at the Songkran Festival today, firing water pistols at each other non-stop for ten minutes. The previous record was held by Spain’s 5-minute 2,600+ participant battle in September 2007. We ring in the start of a fresh calendar with the very best boobs those countries have to offer. Don’t worry, unlike our April Fools post on Bangkok bar girls, these chicks are legit.

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