Songs Of The Week: LCD Soundsystem’s Great Goodbye, Wiz Isn’t Tired, Britney’s Back

What’s up music lovers? Hope everybody is doing well on this first week of April. I had two amazing musical experiences this past weekend. On Friday night, I caught the Strokes return to New York City as they ripped Madison Square Garden a new one. And on Saturday I had the privilege of seeing one of my favorite bands, LCD Soundsystem, play their final concert ever, a 4 hour opus to end their insanely awesome musical journey, also at Madison Square Garden. An endless state of overpowering glee came over me through the many hours of dancing at these two shows that just reminded me constantly about why I love music so much. Music fulfills us and provides us with a feeling of unconditional happiness that comes when you are rocking out with your friends to tunes that you love without a care in the world. That feeling is what brings me back every time. I was a lucky duck this weekend, to catch both of those amazing shows. With that said, here is this week’s addition of Al Jones’ Songs of the Week.

“Til the World Ends” by Britney Spears

I took a little bit of flack for this selection. But I don’t discriminate against pop music. I like many different types of music, including pop, and this is one song that you just can’t turn off. Ms. Spears has taken her fair share of criticism over the years. Some of it warranted and some of it not, but I am happy to see her rise above the ashes, defy the odds, and truly deliver a kick ass dance album. Saw what you want to, but “Femme Fatale” as of now, is the best dance album of the year. When Brit teams up with Dr. Luke and Max Martin, it’s like Jordan and Pippen on a fast break. It’s a winning combination. “Til the World Ends” has everything you want in a hot dance track, a banging dance beat, sing along chorus, and the breakdown that slowly brings in the climax. Expect to hear this song all over the clubs and in gyms from here until summer. Britney is definitely back!

“No Sleep” by Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa is having a very good 2011. He has gone from underground buzz artist, to a MTV Woody Award winner, to hysterical twitterer, to Number one spot holder on Billboard, to major festival performer, all within the span of the past 12 months. He just released his major label debut album, “Rolling Papers,” which I really enjoy. He is what I like to call an “indie” rapper. He can appeal to heads who like Local Natives and Two Door Cinema Club as well as to peeps who love Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy. He is all over the place in terms of his personality on the mic. He graced the cover of last month’s Rolling Stone, which is a huge deal for an up and coming artist. “No Sleep,” produced by Benny Blanco and Noel “Detail” Fisher, is no “Da Vinci Code” mind twister. It’s a straight up party record, with simplistic lyrics about partying and smoking. But those are two things that Wiz knows a lot about, so he makes you feel right at home on this track.

“Boyz N’ The Hood” by Dynamite Hack

Whatever happened to Dynamite Hack? You are probably like who are these guys? Dynamite Hack had a hit on their hands with their 2000 cover of the NWA classic, “Boyz-n-the Hood.” Instead of head nodding to Eazy E spittin about life in Compton, these five white boys from Austin, Texas found away to make the song their own. Giving the song an acoustic feel, Dynamite Hack found a way to make themselves relevant, mixing subtle, laid-back grooves with hard, aggressive, urban lyrics. The result is very comical, but also brilliant, as it shows that maybe gangstas can make hits using acoustic guitars if they wanted too. There is something that makes you smile when you hear, “Punkass trippin in the dead of night, homie scored a key, he’s gonna fly, punk ass fly.” The song went as high as number 12, on the Billboard Top 100, and was the lead single off their 200 album, “Superfast.” But the band went into oblivion shortly thereafter. Now the legacy of the band lies in their hilarious video which you can find in the archives of MTV or on YouTube. Great song. Great cover. It will bring back a good memory for sure.

“Birds” by The Submarines

Looking to find a breaking new band on the indie music scene? Look no further than the lineup of hopefuls waiting to be the next best thing Spin or Pitchfork talk about after playing the South by Southwest music festival, played annually in Austin. The Submarines are one of those buzzed about bands that I have taken a firm liking too. Their latest album, “Love Notes/Letter Bombs” comes out on April 5th, and “Birds” is one of the singles off of it. It’s a fun, catchy, pop tune that will have you singing along to its chorus. The song has that springtime vibe, and I could totally picture it in an episode of some show on the CW. Blake Hazard, the singer, has a voice that’s calming to the soul. It’s perky, somewhat childlike, and honestly innocent. The Submarines have a lot of potential to do big things if they continue to make easy going, groovy pop tunes, such as “Birds.”

“Someone Great” by LCD Soundsystem

Words can’t describe my admiration for this New York based band that has completely been blowing my mind over the past 10 years with provocative, introspective, energetic, amazing music. I was honored to be at their final show on April 2nd, at Madison Square Garden. It felt like the culmination of a friendship. When I hear songs like “Someone’s Great” I realize how much depth James Murphy puts into his songs. Yeah sure they are mini electronic masterpieces, incorporating many different sounds, rhythms, and patters, but at the essence of all of the many different pieces that make up their musical quilt, are some pretty heartfelt words that pack a lot of substance. People who have never had the opportunity to see LCD Soundsystem live will surely have missed out on an act of greatness. James Murphy and his band of musicians know how to make you dance yourself clean and thoroughly enjoy yourselves, but I hope that they are also remembered for making timeless songs that mean something, because “Someone Great” is surely one of those amazing songs that go the extra mile. Thanks for the memories James.

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