Natalie Portman Joins Our List Of Sexiest Celebrity Stoners

The past couple weeks we’ve been talking a lot about the world premiere of Your Highness (view the red carpet photos at  UCSB here), which stars Danny McBride, James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, and our favorite swan, Natalie Portman. The movie makes many references to and jokes about weed (even the film’s title is an ode to the after effects of the sticky icky). Well,  turns out there’s a reason NatPo was perfect for Your Highness, she recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly that she smoked pot in college. She raps, strips, has sex with chicks, kicks ass, AND smokes up? That choreographer really hit the jackpot, huh? Anyway, we officially welcome Natalie to our list of sexiest celebrity stoners, which you can find below. Puff Puff Portman. Kinda has a ring to it!

Natalie Portman

To say we’re in love with Natalie is an understatement. By now, we must sound like a broken record. In her interview with EW, she admitted she smoked the mad reefer at Harvard, but is “too old” for it now. Maybe too pregnant for it now, but too old? She just played a 19-year-old for Darren Aronofsky’s sake! If you think we’re blowing her sex appeal out of proportion, just ask Chris Hemsworth how his kiss with Natalie went while filming Thor.

Anna Faris

Anna has come a long way since her Scary Movie days. Not only has she made the jump from being ‘cute as a button’ to ‘smoking hot’, she’s also gone from casual smoker to full on pothead. Her turn as a stereotypical pothead in the stoner comedy Smiley Face was tellingly accurate, earning her the esteemed High Times Magazine Stonette of the Year award in 2007. Anna considers winning the award (which is a bong) to be the highlight of her career, and says that she uses it regularly to celebrate and enjoy herself at the same time.

Charlize Theron

When Charlize first decided to become an actress, everybody said she’d never make it because — get this — she was too beautiful. Sound like those people underestimated the demographic known as ‘men’. Years later, Charlize is an Academy Award winning bombshell whose love of weed is hardly a secret. Her preferred method of intake is the ever-convenient apple pipe, which she has been photographed enjoying right in her own back yard.

Lindsey Gayle Evans

A true southern belle, she was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA 2008 after placing second in the 2007 contest. She wore her crown and sash with honor and respect until one day when her love of weed got the best of her. She and a few friends skipped the bill at a restaurant because of slow service, and Lindsey accidentally left her purse behind. In that purse? A big fat bag of weed! The Miss Teen Louisiana people didn’t appreciate the deviance, so they stripped her of her crown. Fall from grace? Hardly! She went on to become Playboy’s Miss October 2009 and is dating / hooking up with Deadmau5.

Danneel Harris

Danneel is the only star of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay willing to admit to regularly smoking pot. This admission earned her High Times Magazine‘s coveted Stonette of the Year award in 2008. But really, when you’re this hot, you can pretty much admit you do anything and people will still like you.

Kristen Stewart

The fierce star of Twilight is no stranger to marijuana. Since she came on the scene in 2008, she’s been photographed smoking a bowl in public and wearing a pot leaf bikini (see above pic). While most starlets might be worried about their public image, Kristen obviously doesn’t give a f*ck what people think about her. She’s got that Twilight thing to fall back on, and she’ll smoke weed when and where she damn well pleases.

Cameron Diaz

A lifelong pot smoker, not only does Cameron has talk openly about her love of weed, she also likes to keep very stoned company. Former boyfriend Justin Timberlake is a notorious pothead, and close friend Drew Barrymore has a well-known love for the leaf. Cameron and Drew were even photographed getting high in their bikinis once (see above).

Minka Kelly

It’s no secret to the people in Austin, Texas that Minka Kelly smokes a ton of weed. The Friday Night Lights star hails from the hippie oasis, where shoes are always optional and joints are sparked publicly. While you won’t find any evidence of Minka’s stoner ways anywhere on the web, trust us, if you ever see her out in Austin, offer her a joint. You won’t regret it!

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