[40 PHOTOS] Claudia Sampedro is Reggie Bush’s New Kim Kardashian

It happens to the best of us. You break up with a longtime girlfriend and you either A) go complete oppo and date/hook up with someone who’s the polar opposite or B) you date/hook up with chicks that look and/or act EXACTLY like your ex. Heisman Trophy winner New Orleans Saints slot back (?) Reggie Bush falls into the latter category. According to Bleacher Report, #25 has a new girl by the name of Claudia Sampedro, a model-singer-actress who’s been featured online at Yo Raps and on the covers of Mixed Magazine and Krown. Look familiar? Yep, dead ringer for Kim Kardashian. Check out her pics below and be sure to follow her on Twitter | Facebook | Her Official Website.

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