Class Up Your Drinking Game With Scotch

The notion that scotch is reserved only for middle aged men conducting business deals in a smoky boardroom should be utterly debunked. The fact is, you’re never too young to start drinking a good glass of scotch – well, according to federal law, you can be – especially when there are so many great benefits to doing so. You’ll stand out from the crowd of beer guzzlers at the bar for one thing,  as well as produce a Mad Men-esque aura that makes the chicks swoon. Become the discerning gentleman at the next party or local watering hole with these five scotches that will class up your drinking game!


Glenlivet brand scotch is the highest selling variety in the U.S. and the second across the entire world. Every time you pour a glass of this, you’re tasting over 200 years of greatness!

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Although Macallan plays third fiddle to the scotch powerhouse Glenlivet, that doesn’t mean it’s a brand that should be ignored. I’d recommend you stick to their newer assortments of scotch, but those with deeper pockets will want to try their vintage selection – which may run you a couple thousand dollars (you could always sell your house). But if you’re able to afford something this extravagant, you probably already know this and are drinking a bottle right now.

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Glenfiddich was founded nearly 60 years after distilleries such as Glenlivet had already established themselves, but this newcomer at the time proved its worth many years later by scooping up the acclaim of critics and earning well-deserved gold medals at various tasting competitions. With a picture of a deer on the front, you know you’re in for something very good.

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Johnnie Walker

A true rags-to-riches story, Johnnie Walker sold his soon-to-be iconic creation straight from his own grocery store. While it didn’t take off initially, it was son, Alexander Walker, and his grandson, Alexander Walker II, that continued his legacy and made the concept of overall quality synonymous with the Johnnie Walker brand. Like the slogan says: “Born 1820 – Still going strong!”

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What sets the Dalmore brand apart from the rest of the competition is the company’s use of water from the River Alness as an essential ingredient in the production of their fine line of scotch. Drinking a glass of Dalmore in combination with dropping this insightful tidbit among your peers will make you look like a seasoned scotch connoisseur – and guarantee you won’t be leaving the bar alone.

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