Bangin’ Bangkok Bar Girls [77 PHOTOS]

A new trailer for the most anticipated movie of 2011, The Hangover: Part II, hit the interwebs today. The plot is the same – guys rage for bachelor party, don’t remember night before, need to find a guy they lost, replace tiger with clothed monkey, replace missing tooth with Mike Tyson tattoo – but, we still expect great things because the new setting is Bangkok. Whereas you might acquire herpes in Vegas (movie’s first locale), you’re definitely getting AIDS when you visit Bangkok. Vegas has the strip, Bangkok has patpong – their red-light  district, which has venues that offer up “girls” to consumers. BEWARE! The area is notorious for its ladyboys, so we’re going to test your d*ck-detecting skills with this photo gallery of Bangkok “babes”. Dude or Chick? You decide.

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He Said / She Said: Forgiving A Cheater
He Said / She Said: Forgiving A Cheater
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