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Izabel Goulart, Anne V and Aline’s DKNY Photoshoot [23 EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS]


This morning @SI_Swimsuit tweeted that Izabel Goulart, Anne V and Aline would be posing for a DKNY photoshoot in New York City. As you can probably tell from our 86 photo overdose on Izabel Goulart, we think she’s hands down one of the sexiest women on Earth. From the moment I read the announcement on Twitter, it became my mission to crash this production and share the pics with you. Luckily, @Modelina tweeted that the shoot would take place near their office, so off I went. After almost giving up on finding them, I stumbled upon the shoot a little further up the block. I immediately busted out our sick Nikon D7000 and started snapping shots, which you can see in the gallery below.

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