20 Most Hilarious Scare Prank Videos for April Fools Day

April Fools’ Day is just around the corner and while most of us brace for the impending hoaxes headed our way, there are just some pranks you just can’t prepare yourself for. Case in point: scare pranks. More times than not, scare pranks are fairly simple and straightforward. There’s no elaborate planning or detailed schematics, it’s just a matter of catching the victim off guard. Unless your target is gullible and oblivious, it’s best to keep it simple with scare pranks. To guide you in your own personal prank war, we’ve gathered the most hilarious scare prank videos. You should know, though, penguins can now fly, there’s water on Mars and cell phones are now banned.

1. Naked Stalker Pranks Elisabetta Canalis

2. Screaming Guy in Car


3. Hot Girl Scared in Bed

4. Scared Office Woman

5. Neighbor Trash Prank


6. Scared Compilation

7. “Scare Tactics” Rat Monster Prank

8. Electrocution Prank

9. Mom So Scared, Her Water Breaks


10. Rent-a-Cop Scare

11. Scare Prank Fail


12. Scared Compilation 2

13. Don’t Scare This Guy

14. Gun Prank Scare

15. Kid Has the Gay Scared Out of Him

16. Awesome Scare Prank

17. Scared Compilation 3

18. “No, no, no!” Prank

19. Garbage Man Scare

20. Girl Scared to Death

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