Play Classic LCD Handheld Video Games Online!

Some of you may be to young to remember LCD handheld games since you were spoiled with Gameboy Color or Gameboy Advance from the get-go, but kids from the late 70s up to the early 90s found their portable enjoyment in these watered-down Gameboys. No changeable cartridges here, each handheld was preprogrammed with a single game, meaning that’s all you get – so you sure as hell better enjoy it (mind you, I did enjoy my Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers game as a lad)!

For many of us however, we have since lost our LCD handhelds to neglect or having misplaced them elsewhere. But thanks to the site, we can relive our childhoods and play the handhelds that we grew to love – as well as providing a great visually engaging history lesson in video games for the younger crowd. Nearly everything from Nintendo’s Game and Watch Gallery series to licensed fare like The Terminator from Tiger Electronics is available; you won’t know what to play first. Granted, the controls are a bit wonky since some of the games use the letter keys on the keyboard as opposed to the much more sensible arrow keys, but with practice you’ll do fine!

New games are added every so often – The Legend of Zelda is coming soon – and one can only wonder what game’s going to be next…

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