The 7 Sexiest Celebrity Chefs

Cooking shows have changed quite a lot over the years, for us guys at least. We’re no longer subjected to watching an amorphous tub of goo wearing a chef hat waddle around a studio kitchen looking for that wayward can of Crisco or sweating into the gumbo. Now, we’re treated to enough sweet eye candy that would put even the babes of Spike and G4 to crying shame. Just who are these goddesses of the culinary world that occupy our thoughts and fill our stomachs? See our list of seven sexy chefs that make us TiVO the Food Network each and every night!

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi isn’t merely a pretty face to draw in male viewership for Top Chef, the woman’s a triple threat of talent: actress (both American and Hindi films), a model and an award winning cookbook author. A smoking hot model that knows how to whip up one hell of a meal? Now that is something we can only create in our wildest imaginations!

Aida Mollenkamp

True story: when she was young, Aida Mollenkamp was an avid soccer player and , above all, an accomplished classical dancer. Sadly, tragedy struck during a skiing accident when she sustained an injury that temporarily robbed her of her ability to dance and engage in other related activities. She later turned to cooking as a means to express her creativity and provide therapeutic relief. Even though culinary arts became her true calling, we could only wonder what it would’ve been like to see Aida tear up the dance floor. One can dream…

Gail Simmons

Oh, Canada? Oh, Gail Simmons! This Canadian-born culinary queen is a judge on Top Chef as well as its sister show Top Chef: Just Desserts. Not that excited? Did we mention that in college she majored in Spanish? So whenever you happen to be eating a meal and Simmons starts whispering sweet nothings in Spanish into your ear, try not to look like a complete bumbling idiot by choking on that piece of roast beef.

Sandra Lee

Sorry guys, Sandra Lee’s already been scooped up by Andrew Cuomo, but then again you’re not really missing anything. That’s not to say she isn’t pretty to look at, but she touts that whole semi-homemade philosophy when it comes to cooking. Basically, your dinners at home will consist of a Stouffer’s lasagna with the only homemade food item being the salad – and never is the salad hailed as the best part of the meal! When it comes to food, we guys want something with substance, not preservative soaked rubbish.

Claire Robinson

Of the sexy chefs to make this list, Claire Robinson definitely takes home the “Cute Girl Next Door Look” award; this is the kind of woman that you take straight home to mama! And for you sports fanatics out there, Claire’s favorite activities include skydiving, slalom water skiing and – surprisingly – boxing. Boxing? If that’s true, it wouldn’t be the greatest idea in the world to critique her cooking methods. You might just end up drinking your next dinner through a straw… and the one after that…

Giada Delaurentiis

Her meal portions may be ridiculously small. She has a bad tendency to pronounce Italian ingredients with their correct dialect ad nauseam to reinforce the fact that she is – in case it wasn’t readily apparent – Italian. But, the woman’s a practical Roman goddess in the kitchen and probably the sexiest chef the Food Network has to offer. And to her husband: palpable jealousy aside, we all salute you, you magnificent bastard.

Rachael Ray

The greatest thing about relationships is that we are well aware of each others flaws and, regardless how irritating or odd they may be, we grow to overlook them thanks to the veil of love. With that said, we ask you: can you look past Rachel Ray’s tendency of turning everything into an acronym? It starts with E.V.O.O. (extra virgin olive oil). Then it’s going to turn into I.M.Y.B. (I made you breakfast.). And finally, the relationship just goes sour with C.T.F.F.L.I.F.A.Y.T. (Clean the f*cking floor like I f*cking asked you to!). C.O.D. (Catch our drift)?

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